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Vector/Vector/Pixel Artist looking for a team

A topic by Shallow Lagoon created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 274 Replies: 13
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I'm looking to get involved in this gamejam, does anyone need an artist?

Here's some of my work:




Wow your an amazing artist. Really impressed. It would be cool to put forth some of this art into a game! Keep up the work.

Thanks I really appreciate it!

Nice work there! What tools do you use? I'm a Unity programmer, so I was mainly wondering how your content would be imported into the Unity engine.


I tend to use Adobe Flash, Hexels, MagicaVoxel and Qubicle.

The vector art and pixel art that I do is in PNG and JPEG format, whereas the 3D voxel art is in Vox, QB and OBJ format. There are various voxel plugins for Unity that can work directly with Vox and QB files :)

Interesting. So, do those voxel plugins convert your voxel art into traditional 3D meshes so that they can be used just like any other Unity mesh? Or are there limitations on how they can be used (eg - they won't respond to lights properly)?

It depends which one you use. Voxel models can potentially end up having high poly counts since every voxel face is equal to 2 polygons, however they're great since they be automatically deconstructed cube by cube with the right engine and coding. As for the lighting, it varies depending on what you're trying to achieve but at the base level there shouldn't be any major problems with it.

Here's a great article that explains voxel art in greater detail:


Cool, thanks! I've been a professional game dev for 10+ years, but have never messed with voxels. Always something new!

So, on your end, have you worked in an actual game dev context much? Or do you mainly make standalone art pieces?

Awesome, yeah voxel are a great artistic medium; they can be massively useful for rapid prototyping and are highly stylistic.

Yeah I've worked on a few games. I was an artist on Critical Annihilation (Steam), created Lonely Forest (mobile) and am currently working on Lil' Chomp. I also made an isometric asset pack with 1000+ sprites.





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well, I might be interested in teaming up on something. Do you have any themes or gameplay ideas you want to work with?

You can DM me on Twitter @StoicHamster if you want to take this discussion elsewhere.

Fantastic yes I'd definitely be interested in teaming up with you. I have a fun and achievable theme/gameplay idea that I'd like to work with for it (I'm open to suggestions though); I'll DM you this information on Twitter, my twitter handle is @Cynical_Poet

Here are two concepts I've come up with:


Would you be interested in working on one of them with me?

I'd be interested in working with you. Do you have an email or something for which to contact you and to show you what I'm working on?

Yeah sure, my email is dunkerleyjoe@gmail.com