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David Olivera

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the perspective was a little bit weird, but I guess it's part of the mechanics. I really enjoyed this game! Nice job.
the music is crazy, i loved that also.

Hi Josefnpat!

Thank you so much *_*
Yes, I have considered hold to shoot, but I think it's better to make the new weapons like this. This first weapon is suposed to be limited and weak


could you deliver a version for 32 bits or... the love file?
I'm curious to see your game

Brilliant and very challenging.

Made lose 50 minutes and I didn't even notice! >.<

Some sound effects would be nice tho :3

It was really challenging and fun. Thank you!

omg. Brilliant!

I really loved your game

OMG SO HARD!! but very fun.
Nice done

Nice!! I enjoyed it ^^

thank you

Ohh! I didn't know that I should keep the original game for the voting. I have submited my game 23 hours before the deadline, the version that I call v0.1, but then I updated to the v0.2, but it was before the deadline. Is that okay for the voting?

Your game is Compo, right?
hey! very nice! I liked that a lot.

hello! :D
I'm streaming too, from brazil.

just like a dream. I love your game

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I just started to play. but this firsts 10 minutes I am already in love