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Finally learned how to make a game with LÖVE

A topic by InstilledBee created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 383 Replies: 3
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I joined this jam with the goal of learning how to use the LÖVE2D framework, as well as learn Lua. After seeing my game finally working after ~2 days of coding, I think I have met that goal. :)

Good luck to all finishing up their game jam entries!


Your game is Compo, right?
hey! very nice! I liked that a lot.


Yes it is. Thanks!


I had the same goal for the same ludumdare and I was really happy with the experience of using love. Lua was a bit strange at first because some stuff are unusual (like arrays starting at 1) but overall I like how straightforward everything is.

This is why I participated in this jam. Löve is such a good options for jams