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Submitted by ThaiCat — 8 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#552.8002.800

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gothic & freelancer

i think boss description needs to be here also, as visual damage feedback in boss fight was out of scope for this project.

Each boss module has its own shield with regeneration, so randomly attacking the boss has no effect on it. You have do destroy the boss piece by piece. considering amount of health each part has, player DPS, and boss shields regeneration, the time required to destroy each part is about 15-20 seconds, Middle boss module has the most health and expected to be destroyed in about 120 seconds, but only after at least 3 other modules are destroyed too.

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
all audio & music

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At first i noticed the game went for the humor side. And i was gonna give it a high rating. But then it tossed me into a space ship that felt like you suddenly tried to make serious game mechanics, and that didn't work that well for me :/


My bad. For some reason I seem to be always end up with some kind of sci-fi shooter


Interesting mechanics, Boss needs some sort of health bar. Other than that - solid entry.


Love the frog fractions style plot twist! It's a really cool idea to have the shift from one style of game play to another be seamless like that. 

I think the lack of player feedback is the area this game could use some improvement in. The visuals are cute in a B-movie style way and I loved the dragon getting yanked through the floor like it was a stage play, but without impact sounds or visual damage indicators, its really hard to know what is going on or what you are supposed to be doing. For your next project, I'd definitely spend a bit more time on ways to let the player know what effect their actions are having, and what is happening to them.


I really enjoyed the game, I was really interesting and I loved how it just changed up the gameplay midway through, going from ground combat and talking, to flying a spaceship dodging and shooting lasers.


was hard to follow the plot/fight the dragon... seemed like you could just jump pass the dragon.

The final boss needed some sort of HP/Shield displays or something, it wasn't clear if you were hurting it or not.


Your comments are invaluable! I definitely had to add some visual feedback for the boss fight, but for now i think I will leave my submission as is.

Thanks for submitting! Good job on finishing the game! I never expected such a crazy storyline from such a simple looking game, honestly. I didn't really know what health the boss had tho, maybe add a healthbar? Anyway, good job!


The camera in the first part of the game is weirdly positioned. Bottom half the screen is just empty. Loved how the adventure game turned into a space shooter, although the boss battle was just too long and boring. I like the boss' bullet patterns, but felt it could do more such as move up and down, and definitely end earlier.