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Vai ter armas do Zb1 em tiers mais altos. Por agora o jogo tá limitado a armas tier 1.

Yes. The original website is still up:

I'm already adding that for the next update. It's not gonna be the best FPS mode, cause the game was intended to be third person, but it's gonna be usable.

Doesn't the game save my progress?

One of the best in the jam in my opinion.

There's a soft cap in the number of penguins you can collect, but it depends on how you play. The number of penguins on the GIFs are just cheats i used to quickly make the GIFs.

I like how the music and SFX really fits the game, reminds me of SNES games, maybe Kirby.

I'm not a big fan of choice making games but this one was pretty good. Didn't drag for too long, and the  art text and music is very soothing. There's something satisfying about getting the penguins to their destination.

Well, it's definitelly a 5 star on creativity.

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You gotta get the mess meter all the way up, without losing all your penguins and without running out of time. Destroyable objects give more points, but shooting penguins is enough to beat the game. I didnt play test it with anyone so it's probably a bit too hard.

Pretty cool game, but for some reason my "best time" was 21 minutes, and i'm pretty sure i didnt play it for that long. There's something wrong with the counting of time in your game, so i could only get 0 anvils out of 3.

I'll probably find a way for people to help me translate the game. But for now i'm gonna do only English and Portuguese.

Good thing i didnt give them facial expressions like i was planning to XD

Nessa última versão tá desabilitado o multiplayer. Multiplayer por Hamachi vai voltar no próximo update

Possivelmente uns 15R$ pro Brasil, mas vai depender do valor do real. Se continuar desvalorizado desse jeito pode ser q eu tenha q cobrar mais. E vai depender de quanto tempo eu demorar pra terminar o jogo, e como ele vai tá no sua forma final, quantas horas de gameplay vai ter, etc.

It really is difficult. I'm gonna make a polishing up update, and i'm gonna take some time to makes some changes that are gonna make the easier.

Those sounds bad and have copyright. I'm gonna try to use better sounds.

No, it will be payed

Yea, i'm gonna remove the mltiplayer tag from the game. It's not gonna work properly before i add it to steam.

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I didnt add sounds to the game yet

Correction: i removed gravity from the bullets, but for the same reason i already explain.

(1 edit) Join this dicord server if you wanna discuss this things better with me. In short:

- Yea i'll add zombies to the insides.
- Yea i'll make it so you cant shoot from close up, but i'm not sure the length of the gun will make much difference.
- I dont plan on adding a temporary game loop. I'll just stick to the plan.
- I already use projectiles. They have a little bullet drop, but not enough for you to notice. Cause just like in ZB1 nobody is trying to snipe zombies from 200 meters away. So it's better to just make recoil and inaccuracy the reason why SMGs are worse from far away.

You're right. Weapon balance will need to be reworked in the future when there's more content in the game. I definitely want you to feel the progression from worst guns to better guns, but i cant make it so it's too easy when you have the good guns.
Game is still too easy on hard difficulties, i'm gonna have to add some crazy abilities to the zombies to make it harder.

Also, it will all depend on the  difficulty balance of the boss fights, the grinding to unlock new weapons and the variable difficulty system that will be coming on 0.6. It's still too early to judge the balance of the weapons, because the gameplay loop is still nothing like it's supposed to be in it's final version.

The car wont be added so soon. I wanna add 5 bosses, and the car will be used to kill the 4th one. I didnt even add the first boss yet XD

Pq vc acha que parece mais Roblox do que Zumbi Blocks?


Hopefully it will run it, cause it is running slower than before.

Não tem muita coisa nova ainda. Ta bem no início do desenvolvimento.

I dont think i have the older versions of Zumbi Blocks. Those are pretty much gone. Maybe they exist somewhere in my laptop, but it's very unlikely.

I'm gonna add customizable key bindings, once i finish those menus.

I cant, for i dont have a Mac, and i need one to make a mac build.

Eu sou brasileiro. Pode postar em português que eu entendo.

Oh sry. Next update ill put a 32bit version.

I cant. The car doesnt work in game. I did not program any interaction with the car yet.

For now the only command that exists is "settime". It changes the time of day. The car isn't accessible in game yet.

Improving the menus are one of the priorities now, since more people are playing it, i'll try and make things more intuitive and understandable.

I'm happy you like it. Dont even bother telling me about bugs now cause it's very early in development, there are lots of bugs and i already know about most of them.

Incredibly well made game. Art, sound and gameplay. Everything comes together real nicely. Only complaint i have is that the difficulty took a little while to ramp up, and when it did it was obvious that my toughened up elderly Flubbies wouldn't stand a chance, struggling to get by while their offspring was getting slaughtered.

Things are not looking good for Mr Flubby

I'll upload the fixed version after the voting is over