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I'll upload the fixed version after the voting is over

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The things are supposed to happen on their own. As you wander around a bit the enemies will come to you. Then, the friendly space ship, and so on. But there really isn't any task to fulfill. You just survive for a few minutes until you and your friend die. There is no win state XD

At first i noticed the game went for the humor side. And i was gonna give it a high rating. But then it tossed me into a space ship that felt like you suddenly tried to make serious game mechanics, and that didn't work that well for me :/

Played, beat the whole game, and i feel accomplished. Difficulty is very well balanced. Screen transitions are a nice polish, as well as the dialogues, and music. The second best game i played so far.

The only things that lacked polish was: you could have changed the font, and the character could be something other than a cube ( i know it's supposed to be minimalistic, but it looks too much like a place holder, other than a style choice )

Yea, i purposefully made it minimalistic, so i could make something that looked good even if i only had two days to make the game.

Yea. It's a simple bug. I just had to change 2 lines of code to fix it. Too bad i didnt test it enough while i could still submit a non-bugged version :/

Very good puzzle. Well done. Too bad i dont have time to play it more. I wanted to beat it to the end.

Good game, nice art. I just think the game would be much more fun if there was a goal to aim at. I'm not sure if there's a way to win it, or if i just have to stay alive for as long as i can.

I wish i could download it. Playing on the browser is not working for me.  It's not locking the mouse inside the window properly. Fullscreen doesnt work either :/

Thank you for your feedback. The ships moving fast is a bug. They are supposed to be relatively slow. I'm gonna look into that.

I'm glad you liked it

Pretty nice game, but could benefit from a rework of the points you get from stuff, making spinning, showing off, and all the other stuff you can do worth doing.

10/10 - Will recommend to everyone i talk to.