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An underwater Survival Horror Adventure - but what lies beyond the ocean's deepest depths?
Submitted by mrdiv (@mattdivito) — 8 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Great little game, I'd happily pay  for a larger version of this.

Cool vibes and loved the fidelity. Obviously short- but I mean hey- it's a demo. Also I understand that the VA and narrative style harkens back to old survival horror but if this gets a full release maybe mix in more gameplay between those segments? feels like they constitute more than the inbetween sections. Hope that doesn't seem too harsh for criticism. Loved what I played.

Damb how you make that 90's CG look so authentic.

Extremely well put together, hoping for a full release :-D

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so so good. i really hope this becomes a fulfledged title. 


The art style here is ridiculously polished! The late-PS1/early-PS2-era textures and models work well with the modern trappings of UE4, like its lighting and depth-of-field, in a way that looks really appealing. I was initially thinking about not relying on UE4's lighting on my game, but it quickly became apparent that I wouldn't be able to get the same level of atmosphere without it! You've got atmosphere in spades, too. Also, it was nice to see another take on an underwater research base!

Atmosphere aside, the Resident Evil/Metal Gear elements are well handled, in a way that feels authentic, but not too archaic. Definitely interested in seeing where the story goes next!


Enjoyed this a lot! Here is a clip from my stream playing it. Also there was a bug at the very beginning, small but still.


Thanks for playing (and breaking) the game! Sorry you had to experience the "early access" version, I've since fixed a lot of the issues you had in your playthrough, including that weird bug at the beginning. But thank you for persevering, I enjoyed the commentary!

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edit:Okay I clowned on myself there, makes sense you didn't overlook something so obvious.


There was an issue where the turning speed was tied to the game's frame rate - it should be fixed in the latest version (1.02). Try it and let me know if it still seems off to you.


This is so cool! A great PS1 era trope collection, an all in one kinda package! The visuals, the camerawork, the UI elements - everything is very nostalgic and nice looking! Even the filmgrain added something! You have to continue developing this, for the love of everything :)

Once again, i reaaaally like that MGS dialogue scene, the animations, the composition - great stuff! But as someone else noticed - if you could get better performance from your actors that would be great, some things are better left in the past. There's a lot of great actors who would do great work with what you are doing here.

Please finish this, the intro cinematic alone is worth it :)


Truly remarkable!  A perfectionate homage to the resident evil format, and the PS1 survival horror genre.

Excellent job!:)


This game is most definitely made by someone that is well-versed in late-nineties console gaming. The tropes are all here: the Resident Evil door transitions, the Metal Gear Solid dialog, and all manner of other aesthetic and sonic conventions. This is a really loving interpretation of the games of that era. 

As the first part of a survival horror game, it plays pretty good. Whilst it isn't yet used, there's a lot of great potential mechanics that are set up: an inventory system, puzzles, and combat. This is an enormous amount of legwork to set up for a jam in such a small amount of time. 

And the graphics! They're faithful to the theme and typify maybe the very tail-end of the PS1, or more the Dreamcast. Great use of fonts and prerendered images. The character movement and fixed-angle camera also pretty much epitomises the approach many of these games took with their gameplay. 

I'm looking forward very much to the possibility that you continue this project into a fully-fledged game. There's certainly a lot of potential here, and I hope that the groundwork with the engine out of the way, you can continue to work on this if possible and flesh out the narrative you've set up. 

I'm not sure what you used to compose the sound, but it's great - the mix of synth pads and bells really fits comfortably into the style that the rest of the game is going for. Definitely another strength. 

I think one aspect of constructive criticism is - whilst pursuing a fully-voiced adventure game is super commendable and the output was great, being vulnerable enough to encourage more emotionally varied performances from the voice actors is an idea. I know nineties games sort of commonly had very muted VOs, but there were a few times the lines sort of mismatched the tone of the situation. 

I did a gameplay video below:

As I said, really hope you continue on with this project, and the exciting potential that it carries. 

- FSV 


Thank you so much for the detailed review and the kind words! You might very well have been the first person to play this game outside of my household so it means a lot! I'd definitely love to continue developing this game, hopefully there's some demand for it :) And thanks for the playthrough vid!


No problem! I hope credit is given where it's due for this game and it gets some more attention - it fits the niche that I think a lot of people are looking for with its style.