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Anyone know what the minimum system requirements are for this?

It'd be nice to have a low spec tag that can describe games as being able to run on most older or slower machines.
It'll be most beneficial to those with laptops or low RAM

Excited to see this progress ;)

Windows Download is missing folders to run the game

Alrighty, thanks though for the thoughts.

Do you happen to know what the GMS 1.4 equivalent for Camera would be? 

I have tried that, but it ends up making the window squished horizontally, as if the window controls are in the way.

Anyone know how we can accurately get the right resolution in Game Maker Studio (GM1.4)?

Def gonna pinch this if ya don't mind :)

Keen :)

Can we stream our experiences developing on twitch with the hashtag?

I definitely will be adding sound and music to it as I will be working on getting it to be a bit of a better game, post jam.

Thanks a stack! Yeah there was a lot to try consider adding when the jam started and I cut a lot out just so I could submit without too much personally given stress XD am kinda happy with the result... to an extent :)

A little buggy, but still well done for your first attempt. Was enjoyable

Tricky but clever :)


That was insane... didnt expect to play it but hey i enjoyed it NOICE!

Accepted, yeah was wondering a little

Github link is in the description

That would be perfect if you could :) StanTheGuy#2560 is my discord

I'd love to involve something spooky as the main music for the game, the game isn't really going to be THAT good though, hopefully will be trying to improve it after the jam as well

Keen to find someone to join in on the music side of things, that's one area I really suck at :P

Plan on working on this again?

Rars won't open in either Winrar or 7zip

No Excuses Game Jam community · Created a new topic Teams?

Any team doing this jam looking for a 3d environmental artist? (low poly)

Working on my own blog and stumbled on this, just had to write about it even a little.

Added you on dA :)

AnimaRender community · Created a new topic Screenshots?

Planning on posting some screenies? :p

Oh I am already considering a let's play of my own :)

Downloading and shared on Twitter :)


they are R500 - R800 on BidorBuy and at shops like The Gadget Shop

Windswept community · Created a new topic Feedback

So I feel like the recovery time from a turn is too long and the speed helper on the track need to be seen clearer to make the turns

Windswept community · Created a new topic VR

very very VERY keen to see the VR in this

This makes me happy, thanks guys!