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Jesse Hamm

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Cool!  Thanks a lot:)

Hey, thanks:)!

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Thanks:)  Yeah, it's a really funny M*A*S*H episode; one I personally can never get enough of.

Hey, thanks dude!:)

Really fun trivia game, with great art, music, and a nifty, tight presentation!

I kind of wish there had been a few more questions, but excellent job!:)



Thanks for the feedback.  I'll definitely be taking your suggestions into account.

I'll probably try revising the font colors to something more distinctive that can be more easily read during gameplay, in addition to providing a bomb view which can be toggled via a singular key-press (as opposed to requiring the player to hold the F1 key down during play).

Additionally, I'll also try adding an inset "bomb camera" which will temporarily display within one quadrant of the screen, allowing the player to monitor the progress of the bomb while it is dropped.

Thanks again:)



 I apologize for the error.

I've recently uploaded a revision of the game, in which coding modifications have been implemented to (hopefully) rectify the bug in question.

Hopefully it should work now.

Thanks for pointing out the issue:)


Thanks:)  'Glad you enjoyed it.  And that was a really great video you did there!


No problem:)

There is a skip button available.  Simply hold down the "ESC" key for a couple seconds and its done.

Thanks :)   

I've recently analyzed a deficiency in the combat mechanic, in that the player-character's full chain of attacks currently only seems to occur properly when the attack button ('Z') is held down, but it apparently did not respond effectively when the button was repeatedly pressed.

I've since ironed out this problem, and these changes will be reflected in the full version of the game.   In the meantime, I'll try to update the demo version, as well.

OK. Thanks:)

Wow!  Thanks a lot!:)  I really enjoyed your game as well; a  perfect homage to the late Romero! Especially that spooky ending!

Hey, nice playthrough!  Thanks for uploading:)

Great video of a really nice playthrough!  Thanks for making:)

Hey, thanks for making a video:) You guys did a great job.:)

Thanks:) I remember embellishing on the existing mechanics of the boss encounter because the initial format seemed too easy, and I  guess I kinda overdid it. :)

Absolutely gorgeous artwork and animation, with very innovative and  clever gameplay mechanics:)  Wonderful job!

Fun and addictive, with a charming aesthetic and lovely music. Excellent work! 

Thanks:)  I really liked your game, as well!:)

Thanks:)   Absolutely, I'd be flattered.

Thanks :)

I definitely plan to incorporate variations in the combat mechanics once the judging process is over, including the implementation of dodging and  blocking maneuvers, as well as ranged attack capabilities.  Hopefully such additions, in conjunction with greater level variety and enemy types will subsequently make the gameplay more engaging and far less repetitive. 

Tight, intuitive controls, coupled with fast, frenetic action, attractive sprites, and addictive gameplay.  Loved it!  Excellent job!


Okay, thanks:)

Wow, that was fun!  Aside from the clever premise, the texture work and particle effects are absolutely gorgeous!   Nice job!

Wow!  Thanks, man:)