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Jesse Hamm

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Excellent use of story, dialogue, puzzle design and artistic aesthetic!

This was a really fun game which had me hooked for the duration.  Great job!:)

Thanks again:)  I'll be sure to try out your game, right away.

Per your suggestion, the game has been refined to enable players to reverse pitch controls to their discretion by pressing the 'F4'. 

Thanks again:)

Thanks:)  Ultimately the process of a reversed vertical control scheme (i.e. pressing up to pitch downward and pressing down to pitch upwards) corresponds to a configuration to which those accustomed to flight simulators ( or even flight arcade) games are familiar with and thus find more intuitive to utilize.  However, I can understand how some players would ultimately find this approach unintuitive.  

I can refine the game to allow the option for players to alter the Transversal Axis controls at their discretion.

Thanks for the feedback:)  Cheers!

Wow! Thanks:)

Thanks:)  Yeah, unfortunately, I had only joined the game jam at the last minute, and thus only had about three days to work on the project.  I'm slowly but surely working on a more complete version of the game, which not only implements additional aircraft types, improved AI, and clouds, but also a first-person cockpit perspective, and a campaign system, complete with mission objectives, waypoints, and a large map in which to play the game.


Thank you! :)  

Yeah, the mouse aim does seem to be quite a bit over-sensitive in the current build.   I'll try to adjust that ASAP.  Thanks for the suggestion:)


Hey thanks:)

While I was kind of fooling around with the idea about continued development, I initially wasn't sure.  But yes, I suppose I could  pursue furthering this project, probably to the extent of implementing full on "campain/tour of duty" segment with mission objectives and navigation waypoints.  Additionally, I'll probably wind up implementing a first-person "cockpit" perspective, with four-selectable viewpoints.

Thanks for the suggestion:)


Thanks, dude:)

Wow!  Thanks:)  I don't know if I'll win, but it was great to revisit nostalgic feelings, all over again:)

Hey, thanks!:)

I was happy to contribute, if even a small amount to your project. 

Your game is fantastic, by the way!  Best of luck with your continued development:)

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Wow!  Thanks for the compliments:)   I don't know about  "cooler", but I'm flattered, nonetheless.:)

However,  you've created your own 3D  engine for the job; that takes way more talent than I have!:)

That was fun!  I especially love the ominous atmosphere and depiction of Lovecraftian monsters.  You also did an excellent job on the graphics engine, too.  I'm impressed:)

Now, that's what I call a perfectly authentic homage to the PS1 era!

Excellent representation of the classic Resident Evil series, from conrols, atmosphere, pre-rendered backgrounds, creepy setting, graphics, and music!

Far better than mine!

Great job, can't wait for the full version:)



The game  was actually programmed in straight C++ with DirectX 9.0c  components. All of the assets (sprites) were created in PaintShop Pro 8, with music composed and generated in Fruity Loops (FLStudio 11.0) 

Hey, thanks:)

Hehe:)  Unfortunately, no.  Just cookies, ankhs, and her pummeling legs;)

Although, in retrospect, I seriously should've thought about salt or sodium-based items as an additional means of combatting snails.  

Oh, well:)

Cool!  Thanks:)  Glad you enjoyed it.:)

Cool!  Thanks a lot:)

Hey, thanks:)!

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Thanks:)  Yeah, it's a really funny M*A*S*H episode; one I personally can never get enough of.

Hey, thanks dude!:)

Really fun trivia game, with great art, music, and a nifty, tight presentation!

I kind of wish there had been a few more questions, but excellent job!:)



Thanks for the feedback.  I'll definitely be taking your suggestions into account.

I'll probably try revising the font colors to something more distinctive that can be more easily read during gameplay, in addition to providing a bomb view which can be toggled via a singular key-press (as opposed to requiring the player to hold the F1 key down during play).

Additionally, I'll also try adding an inset "bomb camera" which will temporarily display within one quadrant of the screen, allowing the player to monitor the progress of the bomb while it is dropped.

Thanks again:)



 I apologize for the error.

I've recently uploaded a revision of the game, in which coding modifications have been implemented to (hopefully) rectify the bug in question.

Hopefully it should work now.

Thanks for pointing out the issue:)


Thanks:)  'Glad you enjoyed it.  And that was a really great video you did there!


No problem:)

There is a skip button available.  Simply hold down the "ESC" key for a couple seconds and its done.

Thanks :)   

I've recently analyzed a deficiency in the combat mechanic, in that the player-character's full chain of attacks currently only seems to occur properly when the attack button ('Z') is held down, but it apparently did not respond effectively when the button was repeatedly pressed.

I've since ironed out this problem, and these changes will be reflected in the full version of the game.   In the meantime, I'll try to update the demo version, as well.

OK. Thanks:)

Wow!  Thanks a lot!:)  I really enjoyed your game as well; a  perfect homage to the late Romero! Especially that spooky ending!

Hey, nice playthrough!  Thanks for uploading:)

Great video of a really nice playthrough!  Thanks for making:)

Hey, thanks for making a video:) You guys did a great job.:)

Thanks:) I remember embellishing on the existing mechanics of the boss encounter because the initial format seemed too easy, and I  guess I kinda overdid it. :)

Absolutely gorgeous artwork and animation, with very innovative and  clever gameplay mechanics:)  Wonderful job!