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Thank you for the compliments and feedback:)

Yeah, I had admittedly attempted to implement a dynamic into the game, in which slow movement and limited rotation would ostensibly enforce new tactics in terms of combating enemies which were considerably faster and more agile. 

Ultimately, I seem to have overplayed my hand in this regard, as it frequently contributes to moments in which gameplay becomes outright frustrating.

Currently, I'm working on a series of updates to the game which, in addition to new levels, incorporate key-and-lock mechanics as well as platforming elements, whilst I am also attempting to implement a more fair balance in terms of movement restriction, whereby, even when faced with speedier enemies, motion by the player will be less constricted and greater margins in rotation will ease in the targeting process.

Again, thanks for the feedback:)  Cheers!

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Thanks:)  That's very kind of you.  I'll definitely keep the offer in mind.


Hey thanks!:)

Fortunately, I happen to be working on some updates, as we speak, which will ultimately help render enemy projectiles in a way that is no longer obscured by surrounding particle effects, and will also feature a scoring system, limited lives, mid-air collision detection, and power-ups.  Hopefully, I should have the upgraded version up and running within the week. 

Great to hear from you:)


Wow! Thank you:)

Admittedly, my reliance on so many particle effects, particularly during the explosion sequences, tended to overpower the visuals to the extent of obscuring sight of the projectiles.   

Fortunately, I'm currently working on an update to address this issue, in addition to incorporating such features as life limitations, scoring, power ups, and mid-air collisions.  While the parameters of the jam currently forbid me from updating the product until the rating period has elapsed, I should hopefully have a new and improved version of the game, uploading within a week.:)

Thank you again for the compliments and feedback:)


Thanks for the compliments and feedback:)

I definitely notice that there's a problem with the particle effects overwhelming the sight of the projectiles, which makes them difficult to detect and thus evade.

In fact, I'm currently attempting to address a lot of the discrepancies, as we speak, which will also include such essential components as a scoring system, limited lives, and mid-air collisions.   I also intend to introduce a few special weapons and power-ups, as well.

For the time being, I won't be able to upload any updates until after the voting period has completed, but hopefully the issues will be remedied, soon enough.

Thanks again:)




I'll admit that a lot of the features which are largely essential to the shoot-em-up genre (which includes limited lives, power ups, object collision, and a scoring system), I wasn't able to implement,due to time constraints in adhering to the deadline.

I will, however, be implementing such changes in a subsequent update, once the rating period has finalized.  

I'll also be taking your advice to heart, in terms of toning down the music, as well as the particle effects, which admittedly at times obscure sight of the projectiles and compromise the player's ability to dodge effectively.

Again, thanks for the feedback:)


Indeed. As a matter of fact, I'm currently working on a full version of the game, spanning a planned 10 level duration. 

I currently don't have any plans to have enemies dispose of essential items when killed, but I do intend to introduce a key and door mechanic, along with a few platforming sections spanning various biohazards, which in and of themselves, will enforce a certain manner of backtracking and enforcing a more precipitous pace from the player. 

Thanks for the feedback:)

I guess part of my obsession within this particular design spectrum stemmed from experiences in some of my previous games, in which enemies were slower than the player, and I noticed some gamers elected to simply run past enemies rather than fight them.

One of principles I adhered to in this particular case lay in requiring the player to engage in combat, rather than enabling them to run straight for the exit.  In this case, not only were some enemies faster than the player, but (particularly where the female Junkers are concerned) could additionally penalize the player by paralyzing him/her if he/she elected to ignore them.

Perhaps I overdid it, in the long run. 

I'm glad you liked the music:)

Thanks, dude.:)

Hey, thanks:)

Absolutely gorgeous graphics and atmosphere, complete with some really cool monster design and combat mechanics! 

I'm sorry you couldn't finish the project in time, but what you have so far looks really amazing!


Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks for the comment:)

I'll admit that discrepancies in perspectives between object and backgrounds had initiated due to the fact that, due to the initial setup upon which I had build the initial foundation of the game, I had failed to properly sync up the coordinates between the blender-generated backgrounds and the dimensions corresponding to the Unity-based numbers, and as a result of this in addition to time constraints, a number of the perspectives and positioning were determined on the basis of hastily-implemented "guess work", which in some cases turned out to be wildly out-of-proportion.

I'm still deliberating whether or not to proceed with this project. But, if so, the issues surrounding both perspectives and character modeling will be addressed, and hopefully, fixed. 

Thank you!:)

Hey, thanks:)

My pleasure:)  Thanks for posting.

Thanks:) I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall.

Admittedly, many of the game's limitations, from the simplicity of the monster AI, to the limited number of combat moves for the player, in addition to a few other glitches pertinent to models and perspective design were largely due to time constraints imposed on the project.  However, if I do elect to proceed with this game to completion, I'll definitely be adding a whole list of features, both to rectify the pre-existing issues and add more depth.

Thank you very much for the feedback; it was most invaluable:)



Thank you!:)


Truly remarkable!  A perfectionate homage to the resident evil format, and the PS1 survival horror genre.

Excellent job!:)


Admittedly,  a number of the game's components, such as the inconsistency in scale projection relative to the backgrounds, in addition to the current simplicity of the monster AI were often attributed to time constraints in the project. 

If I elect to pursue this game to its full completion, these elements will definitely be fixed:).

Thank you!:)

Thanks:)  Really enjoyed your playthrough, too:)

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Hey, thanks:)  Great playthrough!

Roughly about 12-15 minutes

Thanks:)  I hope you enjoy it.

Much appreciated feedback:)

Admittedly in retrospect, I should have incorporated the features allowing users to manually tweak the volume settings for both the sound effects and music. 

I will however point out that the in-game controls are, in fact, specified in the main menu, and its always advisable to consult this section before starting a new game.

Either way, thanks for the feedback, along with the compliments about the cinematics :)


Cool!  Thanks again:)

Hey, thanks:)  

I've got a few projects running concurrently at the moment.  But yes, I'm definitely thinking about expanding this game into a multi-level structure, with more elaborate locations and adversaries along the way.:)

Excellent use of story, dialogue, puzzle design and artistic aesthetic!

This was a really fun game which had me hooked for the duration.  Great job!:)

Thanks again:)  I'll be sure to try out your game, right away.

Per your suggestion, the game has been refined to enable players to reverse pitch controls to their discretion by pressing the 'F4'. 

Thanks again:)

Thanks:)  Ultimately the process of a reversed vertical control scheme (i.e. pressing up to pitch downward and pressing down to pitch upwards) corresponds to a configuration to which those accustomed to flight simulators ( or even flight arcade) games are familiar with and thus find more intuitive to utilize.  However, I can understand how some players would ultimately find this approach unintuitive.  

I can refine the game to allow the option for players to alter the Transversal Axis controls at their discretion.

Thanks for the feedback:)  Cheers!

Wow! Thanks:)

Thanks:)  Yeah, unfortunately, I had only joined the game jam at the last minute, and thus only had about three days to work on the project.  I'm slowly but surely working on a more complete version of the game, which not only implements additional aircraft types, improved AI, and clouds, but also a first-person cockpit perspective, and a campaign system, complete with mission objectives, waypoints, and a large map in which to play the game.


Thank you! :)  

Yeah, the mouse aim does seem to be quite a bit over-sensitive in the current build.   I'll try to adjust that ASAP.  Thanks for the suggestion:)


Hey thanks:)

While I was kind of fooling around with the idea about continued development, I initially wasn't sure.  But yes, I suppose I could  pursue furthering this project, probably to the extent of implementing full on "campain/tour of duty" segment with mission objectives and navigation waypoints.  Additionally, I'll probably wind up implementing a first-person "cockpit" perspective, with four-selectable viewpoints.

Thanks for the suggestion:)


Thanks, dude:)