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o man, I think this one hit the hardest out of Midnight Scenes so far! Play this until the end!!

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its been a pleasure watching you progress in game dev, these are getting real good!

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everytime I see you post, i get super excited. Thanks again for another gritty, meaty experience :)

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pretty sure this is a perfect example of when you say "you need to have crunchy gun sounds" this is so damn good!! the shotgun and sub are so nice

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good game!

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Glad I came back to this one, great game!

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I know im missing some stuff, i am so damn happy this game is getting a new version!

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always love your games, great work!

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If you are considering making this into a full game, I think it would do very well, this is a very good demo, hope to see more!

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very good short horror, keep going!

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cool little game, could def be expanded upon, nice work!

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I really liked this, something about soviet horror just hits right lol

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well that made my skin crawl, nice work!

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That was really good! Legit felt like i was watching an 80s slasher, campiness and all. The last area might need some more save points but other then that it was great! Ill be checking to see whats next :)

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awesome game, reminds me of the Courage game that came out recently, cant wait to see what you do next!

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this is a day 1 buy for sure. You reminded me of sitting in my room in 2012 not being able to beat the rapture in meat boy 😂

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More people need to see this game, its a masterpiece!

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Keep it up, this is a great second game!

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Always ready for some more Goldeneye inspired games! Cant wait to play the full one :)

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I remember when I traveled alone at like age 10, just oblivious to how dangerous it could be lol

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Damn that was a serious demo lol Nice stuff! Excited for more

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SOLID , i loved this

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has a very retro dark souls feel too it, nice short game!

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This might be the coolest crossover mod for an upcoming game I have ever seen, this is awesome! 

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Officially my favorite demo from NEXT Fest! Your animations are so damn smooth

NEXT Fest Hightlights

One of the standout horror demos for NEXT Fest!

Next Fest Highlights - 

has a solid PT feel, nice nice

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I Really like this! its alittle too dark in some spots but overall an amazing demo!

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Finally got to play this when Home Safety Hotline dropped, wish i Would have played it sooner! I love the claymation and the extras at the end

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this was very good! cant wait to see more

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very interesting, the movement did get kind of annoying after awhile but overall solid experiment

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reminds me of when I was a kid and I thought when I closed my eyes washing my hair that the monster was gonna jump in the shower with me 😂nice short horror

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so it went from being a cool little garfield horror short, and you managed to turn it into a horrifying full length experience, I must say I did not expect the game to be this in depth, you got skills

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So happy to see this game back! love what your doing

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I finally got one! 

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Ive pretty much played all your games when they come out lol the potential is insane 👍👍

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solid story, good stuff

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The asset pack really has a very unique and realistic retro feel too it, nice work

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Such a joy to play, this will be one that I will think about later on

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