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like helpin the lil guy 

Full Play No Commentary  - 2 endings

the retro feel of the graphics have this weird feel to them that feels like, im not sure how to describe it, like wood grain on a 1990s buick, its really nostalgic, I dont think i got to the true ending

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I love your game, its so good, perfect for winter time horror

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I really liked this, hope to see more

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Nice game, keep goin!

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The model animations are so good for this, nice work :)

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awesome, keep goin!

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NIce work as always 

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love your stuff, ty!

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you know, the ending is basically a recurring dream I have, creeped out 

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This is a fun demo, excited to see the finished project 

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now this feels like it coulda came out in 1999, amazing! I suck tho

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Nice work!

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yoooo dropsy finally on itch!!

I really liked this, thank you!

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Nice work :)

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This is so good! Thank you!

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nice amanda update :)

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and heres the new prequel 

EMIKA_GAMES on deck! :)

very solid 8bit, nice work :)

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Wario would be so proud! I'm not very good or my patience is getting worse , but solid game!

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One of my favorite roguelikes coming out in a sea of good roguelikes. 

The only thing I wish was that the overall gameplay progression was faster, the actual gameplay is GREAT but it feels like it takes too long to get to the later parts

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man doing chores in game is so satisfying, wish I would get jump scared when Im cleaning...atleast it wouldnt be boring lol nice game 

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Cannot wait!

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This is gonna be awesome! Cant wait!

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I've been putting off the new chapters in Scarlet Hollow cause I wanted to wait for the full release... but honestly this is just gonna make me play it now lol

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More people need to see your creepy ass game!

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I am not just saying this, 

Mothered freaked me out on a personal level that has not happened in a long time. You have a skill for story telling and creating dreamlike sequences. You have a fan for life. Thank you

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this is gonna be great!

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A horror typing game is def a missing genre, cant wait :)

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The Boss Fight really made this one shine! :)

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This feels like a dream, like I know I have had this dream before.. simulation confirmed again lol

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I didnt know I could sign up for a kickstarter that fast lol

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This might be my favorite black eyed priest game yet! The pacing is amazing, and the way dying works really makes it feel like a movie. Loved this.

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Creep y

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did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue tonight, and I have deleted the appdata multiple times :-/

Has a majora's mask feel, super cool

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Played this one again for the demo disk, the art is so cool

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