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Art by Breogan Hackett

Welcome to the Haunted PS1 Summer of Shivers, our summer game jam for 2021!

This summer we have 2 themes which are

  1. Submechanophobia*
  2. Public Service Announcement

These themes aren’t mandatory and are only intended to inspire you.

*This is is the fear of submerged man-made objects (eg. machines or shipwrecks)

This time around we are hoping to encourage devs not to feel obliged to spend time on their project throughout the jam period. To do this we are hosting the jam in 2 official formats:
1. An initial Weekend jam that starts on Friday the 9th of July and lasts until monday the 12th
2. The full length jam Lasting from the 9th of July to the 16th of August

Please feel free to take anywhere from a single day to the full length working on your game. The jam is not ranked and extra time doesn’t always mean a better game.  We also request that if you are doing the jam you work no more than 8 hours on it in a single day.
This is really up to you but game jams often come with the expectation of crunch so we want to be extremely clear that we would rather you take the time to relax than work on your game constantly. 


  1. Create a game within the jam period.
  2. You may use a game you have already begun, but did not finish.
  3. The primary portion of your game should be made during this event.
  4. Follow the spirit of Haunted PS1: that of low poly/pixel horror
  5.  You may use any assets you have the legal rights to use.
  6. Feel free to join our Discord server to find a team or just show off your progress

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The ocean floor holds many secrets, but how far are you willing to go to discover them?
you are simon and you are hungry
You are in a ghost village
Explore the nocturnal shore
Play in browser
A young student enrolls in a university filled with scary monsters, horrifying conspiracies and fun new friendships.
Visual Novel
There's something wrong with the ocean.