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Submitted by Pixel Lifetime (@Brain_NeuralNet), Roboki, Mere! (@ohhellomere), sourlyx — 2 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Historical Accuracy#712.8172.923
Thematic Relevancy#733.1133.231

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

On what countries' history is the game based ?

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Hello, thanks for visiting this page. We are a team of 4, art, history & writing, audio, programming.

The game is a tactical turn-based strategy. It is set in time during Mughal Empire in India. Unfortunately as a sole Unity developer I wasn't able to put all of the things we have already prepared for the game on time before submission. Some bugs made it into the build as well.

I am working on updates for the game to include everything that our team has created during this jam and adding some additional features on top that were planned. For JUSTICE I am leaving the original 0.1.0 version as our youngest build which is also the jam submission, so that if you want to rate the game based on this version - you are more than welcome.

If you want to play a more fresh/polished version, just select the lowest one on the game page, it will have the latest features and updates. Hopefully this version will show what our intended finished game should have looked like. We have prepared dialogues and story for the game to tell more about the time period and history of these events, I was very sad when I realized that I am not going to make it in time to set up storytelling in a jam that focuses on history, so please we are very happy if you check out our newer versions.

On Jan 11, that is the date I believe all the prepared story, bug fixes and most of the core gameplay things will be added to the game - if you want to wait until playing latest one.

We had a lot of fun during this jam and hopefully if you are developers you had fun too! :D These are the most important things during jam, have fun and learn something new.

Credit the makers of any assets you used below:
Art: Roboki
Music: sourboordingpas
History: OhHelloMere
Game Design: OhHelloMere, Roboki
Writing: OhHelloMere
Programming: PixelLifetime

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The art style is awesome! I played both versions, and I still miss some sfx like when you get hit or when you're selecting units. Also, the text seems a bit out of place when everything else is pixel art (at least on my side only capital letters are good)

Great work though! I would like to see this expanded further


Thank you! I thought to leave a text not pixelated for the most part for readability, font works with Uppercase letters only and it all kind of blends in, but I am probably wrong because I am the type of person who would play a pixelart game but turn off the pixelated font.


Loved the way it looks - the colors and graphics - and really like the music as well.  Great job!


Beautiful graphics and music. I love turn based strategy! Would have liked to see some animations, or at least sounds/basic effects when hitting an enemy or getting hit. It was confusing that only some of the enemies moved, and you should place the camera a bit higher up because I didn't see my whole army at first, so didn't move them during the first turns. All in all, cool game and well done. :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Its great that you liked the graphics I am actually The artist of this project we also wanted to add animations but we ran out of time also because I joined this Jam in about December start and soon I didnt knew but my exams started in Jan for those reasons this was the best I could do 😅


This is a well implemented turn based tactical wargame. Obviously there are some bugs to iron out but what works is very impressive for 1 weeks work.
The movement highlighting and animation is perfect. The combat looks fair enough  - I ganged up on enemy units to defeat them. My cavalry had trouble fighting as their horses refused to cross the roads :).
Would take another look at this when it's more complete.
Would be interesting to see a proper map with objectives and better AI.
Great effort!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really cool art and nice gameplay!

But there could be a kind of tutorial at the beginning cause it's a little confusing

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

I like the game art and color palette. Both are well executed and leave a consistent, polished impression. The game mechanics also feel really good. I think some sound effects, background music and action feedback would be needed to round everything of. But for a one week game Jam, you have done very well.


Thanks its awesome that you like the game I used a simple palette which I generally use I sometimes go of it abd it has still not been approved by Lospec but you can still download it here

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Thanks for sharing :-)


great art and the music is cool the only problem with music was that It had only one for me and that didn't loop and just stopped playing. good fighting mechanic for a jam period and nice UI


Thank you! I am working with audio right now to add another track that was created but never made it into the game because of bugs in main menu. Thanks for reporting this bug, I will definitely test the hell out of it to fix the looping of music.


I like cute art style and the music.

I'm sad there is only a level ;-;


Thank you! We are working on more levels and a better version :)


Love the art and the music. Surrounding a guy breaks the game but otherwise its fun!


Thanks for playing, I am working at this bug at the moment, it's a nasty one which already took a lot of time.


Had a runthrough of this, eventually hit a point where the End Turn button greyed out and I couldn't do anything more, possibly the game got confused when I surrounded a guy on four sides so it couldn't move him?

But yes, generally fine tactical gameplay, cute art which I enjoyed as well. The roads on the left side of the map were impassable so my starting cavalry were trapped, the audio didn't work, and as mentioned the game crashed which slightly reduced enjoyment. It would've been nice to have more explanation available of the history & what was going on, I think - beyond the title there wasn't really much to indicate that this was specifically the Mughals, so it maybe could've benefited from a little extra groundedness in the history.

Anyhow, fine as it goes and well done getting it done - this is definitely one where I'd like to see a more complete version, I do like this style of tactical combat :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing, I am working on a more complete version that we have intended, some of the already created stuff from my teammates didn't make it into the game, and most hurtful is that our story and dialogues weren't added :( They tell more about these times and what is actually going on.

I have created a description where I tried to explain it in more depth, please check it out if you are interested, and again, thank you for playing!