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It's very weird cause I like that I can shot everyone.
Being the villain sometimes allows for great immersion like me.

also I like art, animation, and story...
yeah I love all of the game.

I shot them all.

are there platformer NPCs in upcoming assets?

she's so cool~

looks cool, thanks!

thanks for playing this game!

Thanks for playing nick~

Thanks tchorne! Maybe there will be a sequel when I have more time haha.

the leaderboard system is looking awsome

I glad you enjoied my game 😁

smooth camera moving~

Has this goal changed? I really excepted npc update..

is it including attack animation?

nice horror bgm

Minnie is cute girl, and hyuna is cool.

 But my favorite her is Erika, Go Team Erika!!

Many of people wants that, we will update it after jame end!

I like that you enjoy it.

Yes, they're saying "You're cringy" too much haha

I galt that you enjoied our game!

I played your game, it was nice work.

Erika's story was my work,

I glad that you loved it!

Thanks for playing😊

The jam was done, and bug fixed version is now here!

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The jam was done, and bug fixed version is now here!

I laughed very much when the earth be dust lmao

Can you just tell us the password?

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Thank you for enjoining the game,

camera panning is also very good idea,

We will update that next patch! 😲

Thanks for playing,

Next time, We will make more historical games 😁😅

It took me a while to figure out how to play the game.

But it's my favorite game in the jam,  because the art looks very nice and the cutscene is well made for history of the war!

Good most alcoholic-game!

uhhh, the game unlocked by password

I like farming part

I really scared that creepy emus with little crying ;-;

Now I completely feel the real austiran sprit after killing emus.

I can't find dowloadble game ;-;

I love that Pokemon-like art.

many fun, and I like now I know the information of may bones

I like cute art style and the music.

I'm sad there is only a level ;-;

I having fun with shooting no head british haha.

I like number of ship name increase when die haha

Thanks for playing Chris!

where is the game :(

No baby don't die on me!!