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lovely to play and very cool music, you guys did better in terms of gameplay than our game and we can take some notes from your game.

thanks a lot for your comment, yes we agree that there is a lack of gameplay and we plan to add more characters such as the workers around the garden and add more puzzles as gameplay content and the suggestion on the text is spot on that would make it really better thank you

great art and the music is cool the only problem with music was that It had only one for me and that didn't loop and just stopped playing. good fighting mechanic for a jam period and nice UI

thanks for this!

thanks a lot, happy you enjoyed it

first off i like this game a lot. it is challenging and fun. mechanics are cool especially the defensive wall and the way it works.

at the start it is a bit confusing but it is ok cause it has a little tutorial and teaches you all the mechanics.

 and in the end it was a fun new experience for me that i enjoyed a lot.

thank you for playing. and writing comment. i agree it needs polishing and we had little time left and the boss took lot of my time.