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LOL <3 Well you're not alone in wanting that, and I can't wait to start working on it!! If I were to guess it will probably make it in for version 0.4 (so not the next one but the next after that), so hopefully sometime late this year. :)

HI! :D So happy to hear that you're enjoying our games! And OH NO LOL don't feel ashamed, it's great to hear that you followed Guide's trail all the way here!! <3

Much more cool stuff coming in the future for sure! :)

That’s great to hear! :) Thank you for playing and hope you’ll continue to have fun with it!

Hello! Protag can be either GN or a girl, depending on your own interpretation. :)

Aww, thanks! :D Glad you returned to continue playing and that you enjoyed the new phone feature! That means a lot!! <3

All I can say is that it's definitely related to them being Deities (i.e. rulers of Heaven or Purgatory). The rest of it will be revealed in the future, hehe... :D <3


Lil' Smiles would LOVE that!! :D <3

Hi! The font is called Belladona. :)

LMAO well put tbh <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for the generous rating! :) Very happy that you enjoyed the game! <3

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Oh man! Reading comments like these really makes all the hard work worth it! I'm very happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so much! :) And you've joined at a great time because a huge update is just around the corner! <3

(Also, feel free to join our Discord if you want to hang out with other big fans of the games!) :)

More is coming *very* soon! :D 

Hi! :D You get ending 1-3 automatically by completing the story and ending 4/5 depends on your final choice. Hope this helps! <3


Hi there! :D I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! <3 And LOL that's a funny coincidence, hope it didn't spook you too much! XD 

LMAO he’s out of control!

Thank you very much! :) We don't have any plans for translating it into any other language right now, unfortunately. <3

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Thank you so much!! :D <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! :D <3

I think the best and most spoiler-free way to answer that question is that all my games are canonical and they are all connected somehow... in what way exactly remains to be seen, though! ;)

Sorry for the late reply! This is what my artist said in response to your question:

"i dont generally use any pre-established color palettes, though for mr. guide his hair color is so specific i sometimes have to reach for the good ol' color picker tool of his initial sprite. besides that i just usually pick warm desaturated colors, + his hair color is so specific because it reminds me of many media's respective komaedas, lol. i feel like the moment a character has that grey-green-ish tint to their hair you can tell they are NOT normal"

I'm happy the story resonated with you. :)

Thank you so much for playing! <3

LMAO this is such a funny comment and honestly a pretty spot-on analogy too! XD

Thank you so much for playing! <3

Hi! :D Omg that makes me so happy to hear!! Thank you for playing it and for liking it so much, that really makes my day!! <3 <3 <3

And yes, The Guide will be romanceable in a future update! :)

Awwwww thank you so much!! :)

So happy you enjoyed it!! <3 And that sounds like such a fun idea for a book too!

Thanks for checking it out! I hope you'll enjoy it if you decide to buy it (it's often on sale) :) <3 

Aww thank you!! I'm very happy you enjoyed the game and Guide! :D <3

LMAO such a W comment ngl <3

Thanks for playing!!

Ohhh I love Johan Liebert and Monster, one of my favorite shows!! I never considered a similarity between them but you may be on to something! lol

Thanks for playing! <3

Happy you liked the game! Thanks for playing :)

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OH awesome!! Feel free to share it with the community if you want, would love to see it! :D <3

LOL maybe he will and maybe he won't... who knows :D

And AHH that's such a nice idea... I'd love one too tbh lol!

Thanks for playing <3

Aww!! Thank you so much for playing. :) Hope you'll enjoy the other games (and further Guide knowledge) as well! :D <3

It’s magic! :D

Here at Tymedust Games the motto is "come for the eyebags, stay for the indoctrination" LOL

But seriously, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the game enough to continue to the other ones! Hope you'll have fun exploring my silly lil' stories lmao :D <3

LOL!! I love hearing about the analyzing... and well, once you get to play it, you'll maybe find out for sure... :)

Hi! Yeah, this is where it all began lol <3

Hi and thank you very much!! I’m happy you enjoyed it :) it was very fun to do a game together with Carrot <3

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AWWW THANK YOU!! :D <3 This made my day to read!! I'm very happy that you like it that much and ahhhh yes we've worked so hard on it even though it's still WIP, so that means a lot to read!! :) 

Much more to come (including a major update with new content and an added phone app) very soon! :)

ACK it makes me so happy that someone caught the reference!! I tend to put little nods like that to stuff I like in my games and it feels like most of it goes unnoticed so I kinda just do it for myself LOL but it's awesome to hear that you got it (such a brilliant book btw, a huge influence on my taste in writing). :D

LOL I love this comment ;___;  haha, well, if it's any consolation you aren't alone in feeling that way! He does have a certain "quality" about him somehow, doesn't he...?! Who knows what the future might hold... :D