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Pixel Lifetime

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Level 6 :) (Edit: just found out that I am not the only one thinking about it this way XD)

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(Edit: just found out that I am not the only one thinking about it this way XD)

Wait, lmao, is that how you actually finish this level?

1. I just caught the magnet mid-flying when the block was still up.

2. I threw magnet down in a way that the block would fall on it.

3. Jumped to turn the switch back, so that block would fall. It's not a bug, it's a feature I guess :)

Thank you, I have made a build but I couldn't test it on linux myself unfortunately.

Thank you! I thought to leave a text not pixelated for the most part for readability, font works with Uppercase letters only and it all kind of blends in, but I am probably wrong because I am the type of person who would play a pixelart game but turn off the pixelated font.

Thank you! I am working with audio right now to add another track that was created but never made it into the game because of bugs in main menu. Thanks for reporting this bug, I will definitely test the hell out of it to fix the looping of music.

Thank you! We are working on more levels and a better version :)

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Thank you for playing, I am working on a more complete version that we have intended, some of the already created stuff from my teammates didn't make it into the game, and most hurtful is that our story and dialogues weren't added :( They tell more about these times and what is actually going on.

I have created a description where I tried to explain it in more depth, please check it out if you are interested, and again, thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing, I am working at this bug at the moment, it's a nasty one which already took a lot of time.

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Art is awesome, gameplay mechanics fit the theme really good, I have seen it during first playtesting video, superb execution of the concept. Can't wait to play it next week, are you going to have a web version of it as well?

Thank you a lot for the feedback, unfortunately you have encountered a bug in that room, we are working on it, we have also added checkpoints to make it easier to restart. Hopefully we will be able to finish the whole gameplay loop without bugs :D

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Hi, thanks for playing. The second room and everything further is not working properly at the moment. We have every tools we need as you can see in the beginning but we were short on time to set everything up in the end. Hopefully today I will be able to set it up. Source code is open, so you would even be able to see what has changed, there is nothing really left to program.

Hello, I am looking for team member for a jam, I am programmer, Unity, this is my work. If you think I am good enough then just let me know wink Discord - (/◕ヮ◕)/ Max (/◕ヮ◕)/#0777

Looking for a team. My role: `Unity programmer`. Previous work: , dm me if you think I am good enough for you.

• If you are a pixel artist - I would love to see your art style.

• If you are a programmer - [knows: git, github; share your `work` or `a piece of code` is even better: I will do the same for you if you wish] and let's make some crappy programmers art together :)

Thanks, it definitely needs more work!



Very nice game, I have sunk few hours in it. Original idea and great execution. I couldn't reach level 300 :)

Pixel Lifetime - (Programming)

Funbott - (Programming)

Jellocube - (Art)

mind-set-go - (Audio)

Special thanks to: xred (Inventory and items (unfortunately didn’t make into game)), and Lord Yamoshi (Obstacles help).

LD page:

Yes, sorry about that. We were so focused on other things that we forgot about this one at all, even though, it's crucial.

Great game! I love strategic games, is it posted on Ludum Dare 43? Could you provide the link?

Thanks :) I forgot to mention that portraits are CC0 and I didn't make them. It's unfinished obviously, probably isn't quite finished as it's mentioned in REMEMBER section. I didn't manage to do 1 thing for it to be somewhat finished, the generation of planets and their appearance change as bar progresses.

It doesn't have one. Idle/Clicker, that is all.

Hi, thanks for taking the interest :) I am not working on the game right now, and probably won't work on it in the future. It was made for a game jam and when it ended I left any work related to this project because this project wasn't something that was intended to be released, it was created just for the competition. (I believe I put the audio in the last update which was a long time ago.)


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Thanks! Yeah, you are right on the point. I have added items pick up. Next thing is mission completion and UI that tells some story. Hopefully I can finish it in 2 days :) I looks like cheating - but I won't accept any winning place if we managed to get it after updates. Because no gameplay was there initially, so it seems fair.

Ahah, thanks for the feedback, it's still unfinished. No gameplay yet and music with sounds (audio is ready, just waiting to be put inside). :)

I think he was asking if he remains his copyright on the game, so that he can publish it later elsewhere.

Nice, it reminds me of space levels in Starcraft 1

Cool, can you make it open-source?

Toon shading.

Can the developed game be 3D

Try to share the jam in social media and other resources. More people will take part in it.

Imaginary Fate

Awesome game! What did you use to make that volumetric fog? Particle system? Image effect?... Really curious because it looks gorgeous :)

I love the flower animations :)

Fantastic! You put in a lot of work, good job :)