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Thanks :) I forgot to mention that portraits are CC0 and I didn't make them. It's unfinished obviously, probably isn't quite finished as it's mentioned in REMEMBER section. I didn't manage to do 1 thing for it to be somewhat finished, the generation of planets and their appearance change as bar progresses.

It doesn't have one. Idle/Clicker, that is all.

Hi, thanks for taking the interest :) I am not working on the game right now, and probably won't work on it in the future. It was made for a game jam and when it ended I left any work related to this project because this project wasn't something that was intended to be released, it was created just for the competition. (I believe I put the audio in the last update which was a long time ago.)


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Thanks! Yeah, you are right on the point. I have added items pick up. Next thing is mission completion and UI that tells some story. Hopefully I can finish it in 2 days :) I looks like cheating - but I won't accept any winning place if we managed to get it after updates. Because no gameplay was there initially, so it seems fair.

Ahah, thanks for the feedback, it's still unfinished. No gameplay yet and music with sounds (audio is ready, just waiting to be put inside). :)

I think he was asking if he remains his copyright on the game, so that he can publish it later elsewhere.

Nice, it reminds me of space levels in Starcraft 1

Cool, can you make it open-source?

Toon shading.

Can the developed game be 3D

Try to share the jam in social media and other resources. More people will take part in it.

Imaginary Fate

Awesome game! What did you use to make that volumetric fog? Particle system? Image effect?... Really curious because it looks gorgeous :)

193! I guess I didn't beat any of yours highscore, ahah :0 It's very cool that it has controller support. Good job!

Wow! That was creepy, ahah :) The guy has nice parents.... I got scared when this creature showed up, but the boy has balls made of steel :) Everything worked smoothly and voice acting was amazing! Good work!

I love the flower animations :)

Fantastic! You put in a lot of work, good job :)

I want to play it so much! I will be waiting for your update!

Amazing! I love graphics, mechanics (though it was hard to control with B and N, but later I became a pro player XD), sound effects (especially the custom one :) ), it was challenging - so it was fun! , had roses that damage player, nice music, cool dashing effect, smooth camera movement, fantastic animations! Good job!

I'm getting this error : There should be 'HDTD Windows_Data' folder next to the executable. I also tried downloading version, though I don't understand how to launch it, I guess it's for mac.

I survived for 23.3 days !!! First I didn't notice that those were actually 7 planets xD, silly me :) And only 3 MB - that is cool! Good job! Thanks for sharing the code!

Another amazing game, a little more content and it can be very fun and interesting game! I really like the menu :) There was some trouble with sounds, I couldn't hear anything :( Though I believe that you had them because of button in the options, ahah :p Good work !!!

Super COOOOOOL! I all the sounds, custom voice over, concept, graphics, code, mechanics, I LOVE it! You can put it here or on some website like kongregate right away!

Cool game! Nice graphics and level design :) I wanted to play more and more even when I lost (many times). And lol - I got stuck on one level with planet on bottom-left :)

Everything is good and beautiful, @for we are not here@ :) - hope I remembered @@ part right. Wow! Amazing! Last part or color switching was tough, ahah :) Nice job!

I don't know if it will work, but it could. Thanks:)

You can send me a link to your game, I will add it to submissions.

Submission is prolonged to 12 o`clock. Hurry up :)

It's definitely a good idea, will do.

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2m is a solid number, ahah :) Thank you.

Thank you, I appreciate your words :) Yes, maybe someday it will be the greatest, ahah :)

I'm going to prolong the deadline for 2 hours, somebody asked for some time. If you are ok with it, then your game won't be alone there :P

Why? I like it! You did learn much from it as you said that you have never programmed using those technologies :)

Thank you!

I like the spirit !!! Keep it up !!!

All your submissions are OK. But I guess if there is nothing from the theme, people will just leave a low grade on Compliance With Topic. Though, it's only 1/10 of the total grade. Good Luck!

I think you can create something on any theme you like. It's not bad decision, It's ok to do so! In game jam you have to be inspired about what you are doing, I understand you here. But I cannot change the theme now, so just do something on any other theme you prefer. You can make, for example, a space game where you have ship repairing - just use wrench model or sprite and make that you have to find this wrench to repair your ship in night land.

While making your game just find a place to include things from the theme. Hope It helps :)

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By that I mean, wrench shouldn't be the exact same shape if it makes the same function, or other way - it can look the same, but be for example magical :)