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Noob asks

A topic by Deepspace Star Games created Nov 17, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 3
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Hi there! Its my first gamejam and I have a few questions.

Q1. I have an idea for game and I have also part of code. Can I use it in game? As I know, all the assets like sounds, sprites must be created during the jam.  Same with code? 

Q2. Can I publish my game after jam ends?


Hi there! If you wrote a significant chunk of polished code prior to the jam's start date, it would be good to try working with something new. Something that amounts to brainstorming or starting to sketch out an idea is fine, though. If you publish your game after the jam ends, it won't count as an entry. But if you run into trouble close to the end date, you can always check in with me; I'm totally willing to accept late submissions in cases of technical difficulties, unexpected setbacks, etc.

Thanks for joining! I hope you have a great first jam experience!

I think he was asking if he remains his copyright on the game, so that he can publish it later elsewhere.


Oh man, I think you're probably right. Thanks for pointing that out; sorry about the crossed wires.

Anyone who posts something for the jam absolutely retains all ownership and rights to whatever they create; it can be worked on at a later date, republished, etc without restriction.