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Airshark - Flight Combat!View game page

Rule the skies and save the funky future!
Submitted by Lowlande52, OniiOniiHopper, cftempest, OneDooThreeFour, Moby Pixel (@mobypixel), retrotitan, billy (@billymonks) — 33 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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Airshark - Flight Combat!'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun 🎊#24.1114.111
Evocativity 🤗😭#33.6673.667
Palette usage 🌈#54.6674.667
Mouthfeel / Vibe 😶#54.2224.222
Neat Idea 🧠#113.5563.556

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really liked the music, it reminded me of Sonic Adventure 2 haha.

The camera movement felt off for the first couple of times, but once I got used to it, it felt really awesome.
I also didn't take any damage until the very end and then it was sort of hard to tell where I was taking damage from. Over all I really enjoyed it!


Until the second level I was going to accuse you of making a red-snapper game ; p

Fun! I don't recall any bullet hells with controls like this. I really enjoyed the controls on the plane, the camera movement, and the kind of over-steering you had to do to aim. It was fun!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The first two builds were a little disappointing due to the lack of music and general sound effects... but that made the boss fight that much cooler cuz that song was like EXACTLY what I was hoping for. It was pretty badass taking down a huge ship and I'd really love to play a future version of this game :D

Also I love the end credits "scene" it reminded me a lot of the end of each level in star fox 64.

Something important to bring up, the camera tilting with the plane was really disorienting and the game would lag causing it to flip very far and made me a little nauseous :(. I get why it'd be cool to have in the game, but you might want to have a setting to turn it off for people who might get motion sickness.


One thing I noticed in the first level was the health text was practically invisible because of the water. Maybe you could have a single pixel of another color to differentiate the ui?

Also I noticed that the reticle doesn't line up with where the bullets go which made it very difficult to take out the objects in the second level and the boss 


HLBC - you are right about the issues in the early build. Check out the completed project 1.0 available now!


Dig the high-octane vibe mixed with the smooth controls and surreal palette. I really love the DoF effect in the Dogfight level. Definitely a project I'd like to see fleshed out!


Wish granted my friend! 1.0 is available at no additional charge!


The Boss level was fun. The music really meshed well with the feel of trying to take on the "big enemy" and the smaller minions. The movement of the camera in the last level felt great. The camera movement in the first two levels felt very wobbly however to the point where the camera was turned almost all the way upside down at some points while flying around.

Great use of the colors and the rendering of objects that are further from the camera. Hope something more comes of this.


@Stormyan - you are in luck: Airshark 1.0 is live!


Nice and fluid rail shooter. Aiming was a little confusing to me, as I didn't know if I was supposed to aim with the square cursor or the circle so I was shooting all over the place. Camera work and tone was great. Great work!


Thanks dbokser. Check out version 1.0 which is now available for the affordable price of $0 with all three levels in one package! Fly save!


Cool game! The game feel more than anything is great. It's super smooth and feels very responsive. The whole rock-and-roll tone is also really awesome and I appreciate how it's consistent across the gameplay, UI, and audio.

I imagine you were crunched on time, because a lot of the gameplay seems unfinished. Unless I missed something, it seems like it's impossible to lose on levels one and two. The final boss battle is also not much of a challenge, although it is cool. Semi-unrelated, but the levels are in three separate files which results in a huge total download size of ~750 mb.

Anyway, it's impressive that you managed to make this in not only the jam time but in a new engine! It'd be cool if you continued this and it's a pretty nice foundation for a complete game.