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Wow, great work! Imagine this was a _ton_ of effort to put together!

Wow, huge scope!

Not bad! Excellent polish for a jam entry, and a number of mechanics. Keep it up!

incredible. 👏👏👏 wow, well done.

Why thank you, we are so honored to be compared with the unforgettable PEPSI MANNNN!

Who do you think would win in a fight, Pepsi Man or Saltman?

Good luck defeating all the slugs and the evil stoorworm! The world, or ... ( well we didn't exactly establish stakes, huh? ) depends on you!


Five out of five for the brain category. Brilliant, I love this.

Also TIL there is more mass in debris fields/asteroid belts than planets. This is very useful information next time I turn into a black hole and need to gain mass in order to avoid being consumed by a larger black hole!




At first, I thought the music was maybe a bit too mellow for the exciting proposition of devouring an entire universe. Turns out! It's perfect for the ending, where one sacrifices a fair amount of mass to narrowly escape being consumed by the Universal Singularity, then having escaped, being alone to contemplate the infinite nothingness of a dream-palette-starscape. Finally faced with the ultimate question; does one escape the reverse entropic ending to us all, only to survive in stasis, or does one turn back... submitting to the inevitability of it all, knowing that it means the end of your subjective form as you have come to know it?

Yeah the music fits. Good job.

WOW Amazing illustrations! Great job with this visual novel. Keep it up!

I love universal paperclips

Fun lil' demo! Can you do us a favor and click on the "windows" icon next to the exe in the edit game page so we can use the itch installer?

Wow! Enormous scope for a jam entry!

Interesting concept with hands on springs. Needs a touch of dampening, but well made product for a jam.

Wow! I played this longer than any of the other entries. Super fun! Props for using  godot. Can't tell, do the upgrades stack or did I just waste a ton of money!?

Can you guys click the windows icon in the `edit game` page so that we can use the itch installer?

Awesome visuals.  Really enjoyed the 2.5D look and Vfx! Keep it up, you have a unique style

Deceptively simple but sooooo hard. Good job!

Nice little game! Granted I'm biased since I really love coffee!

Great job frankensteining two projects, using graves literally in the game, and having both a win and lose end condition!

Fantastic. Props for using Godot! The vibe was scary af, 5 out of 5 stars for Tremor. Slow movement adds the to the suspense. Good job making a PSX-type horror game!

Good job developing a 3rd-person shooter! Suggest in your next project to communicate the ojbective  more clearly to the player (e.g. waypoints in the HUD.) 

Cool vibes! I gave you 5 out of 5 for gravitas!

Good job completing a game! For this project, suggest that the speed of all particles gradually increase over time so that it's impossible to go on forever.

Good luck on your journey! If you're done with the udemy course suggest trying godot or unity; do not be afraid of 3D... it's normal to feel that way at first but you'll quickly find it's more psychological than actual difficulty.

Thanks for the feedback, Eric! It was our first project in UE5 (for all but three contribs first time in Unreal ever) so we kept the scope super super small. (You’ve seen the casualties when people get too ambitious in a jam sietting…)

Do expect though that for the next jam we’ll have more interesting mechanics. Follow all the contributors to see the progression!

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Great job developing a full-functional platformer with overworld and everything! Looking forward to seeing your next project.

Awesome job using Bevy! If you haven't already, join the SOP server and talk to greenfox... he's a huge rust fan. Great work, i enjoyed the novel concept of this game!

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AWESOME! Again well done Rosko... you have amazing range! How did you get Joe Satriani to solo for your track?

Are you on the SOP discord?


thank you… with credits this deep it kind of had to!

Join us at Vulkannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Nice colors and visuals. What engine did you use? Overall positive vibes and well polished entry. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for making the plants! It was surprising how well they worked in a rendering engine designed for PBR

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Yah this was an incredibly talented team! Humbled to be able to work with such great minds across the board 

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Indeed all true! (Symptoms of using a new engine… )

What are your cpu+gpu specs?

DAMN! This puzzle game is REALLY GOOD! Excellent visuals and very interesting gameplay. With a bit of UI polish this looks ready to ship for ipads and tablets. Keep it up, you have chops when it comes to puzzle games! (Also extra points for using a hex grid)

WOW! Great work with sfx and vibe. Love it, well done. Excellent typeface too. 

Bug report, "game/script.rpy", line 133: think it should be `questionmark` instead of `quesrionmark`

AMAZING! Amazing.

Love this one. It's _really_ hard to make a story/minigame with heart and you guys NAILED IT! Very soulful. 

(Extra points for Cadaver pit and franken combination if either or both apply since Charon's pet was made in grombdoll. good job!)

Amazing aesthetic! Also props for using Godot (I love gdscript.)

You have Rime down, wish I could give it six stars... amazing vibe. Platforming is a bit too difficult for a jam entry imo; I'm not very good at platformers so maybe I'm not the target demographic but with the platform colliders were larger than visual geometry.

This title is just a little tuning away from being super awesome! Love the world-space tutorial elements too. Good work implementing coyote time, keep it up!

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Fun little game! I enjoyed how you had a complete arc. Scary the first time .... [no spoilers yet]. Good story, and great how you weaved in the jam theme. Well done, tons of personality.

Edit: so when you try to submit a post without saving your star ratings it keeps posting like smart huh

OH MAN THE ART IN THIS IS AMAZING! freaking perfect!

Game mechanics are sublime. So simple but exciting, was adrenalized esp. after getting three and four legs stomping around. Heart skips a beat when getting stomped.

Super well done!

it’s just a placeholder for now, we’re going to upload the project closer to the deadline. Please expect an update within a day!