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why thank you, its a shader graph job that samples orthogonal matcaps using post-animation world space normals. Rendered two different sets of spheres in blender for the matcaps, one shiny/reflective, the other reflective but with a bit of roughness, and blended between the two using a third uv-mapped texture generated using 1d voronoi noise. All because URP web build doesn't have ss reflections, at least afaik.

Awesome, ty!

ahhh yeah mayyybee jock ain so bad afer all

yeah damn. we're using URP, idk what the issue could be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

just make the hotbox bigger!!!!

I had the same problem, but think I figured it out. the icon in the bottom left shows your progress towards outgrowing the current shell. If you trade for an upgrade before time, just sit in the shade with your next shell until you outgrow the current one. it will pop off and you can grab the next

everyone pays attention to dumb jock cuz he's louder and more assertive, lonely being brain

glad you likey


These are only half of the animations too! Scrubs only for having only a right-dash, like Zoolander Craig cannot turn left

As much as I would prefer getting fire for the controls being sooooooo stupid thank you for enjoying this shitpost! Your happiness is our number one priority wait I didn't have a team for this one because it was a joke huh

Damn I will try harder in the future!

Aint no game gonna tell me where I can or cannot drive this wubbling dump truck!

Thank you for despising the controls! They are THE WORST imaginable

I expected to get nothing but fire in the comments but thank you for playing and, since you weren't completely infuriated, you will be receiving a full refund for haute pickup artist.

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This "game" was intended to be a shitpost and you're supposed to say "the controls are the WORST damn you for making this" etc

Thank you for the kind words though! Also thanks for helping make it look good B-)

Sadistic! Yes! This is the feedback I was looking for, ty!

Thanks man. First rule of game dev is don't add colliders until _after_ you have a success condition amirite

were the scenes made just for this game?

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Yeah rabbits are really freaking hard... bigger hitbox pls!

Way to freaking slay the theme! Absolute best use of trash palette among all entries. The game feels enormous even though its pretty small. Amazing execution. Also the fact that the "trash" slider influences both controls and visuals is super impressive. Even on the second-to-lowest setting, in the map, the looping cursor movement is hilarious. Genius. Genius.

This is the scale and immersion is incredible. This is what I've wanted to make but don't know how, you nailed it. Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

Good camera angle, funny dialogue, and I really like how you made the prism/protagonist "walk" in a thomas was alone kind of way. Onward!

Best exe name by far!

The credits made me laugh so hard, thank you to "the internet" and "penguins" lol. Thank you for making the battles one-shot kills (about right for a jam entry!)

Great retro RPG vibe and cannot believe you have a complete working inventory and shop system.

Excellent sense of humor, i enjoyed this one.

The shape shifting mechanic is super impressive! Can imagine that was a ton of work. Also the "Q" to open the quest was really well designed UI+input choice. Audio please!

I love that you used microphone as part of the control scheme. Well done!

I really like the hand drawn characters! more minimigames and end condition this could be really cool!

Love the jetpack mechanic. Level and platforms are too small relative to jetpack thrust. The rockets felt really good as a mechanic, with level design and some happier-place art this will be really cool!

The concept is a game that is 100% loot boxes!? Brilliant!!!!!

Big godot fan here so happy to see this entry. Did not know the soft body physics were so good! Not surprised (as with all physics sims) that it was super hard to tune.

I love the donkey-kong "rotoscoped" dance animation. This is supa trash

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Dialogue nailed pompousness!!! The language makes me laugh so hard. Player character art is horrifying, love it. AAA scene design, and i legit love the music. Super well done people

SFX and visuals are all really cool. UI is very well done, nice simple little jam!

Great scene assets. Most important thing when doing anything is finishing! You doods did it, keep it up and looking forward to seeing what you make in the future!

Temperature (and smell) are really really hard to convey in digital media but you guys nailed it. Bokeh, red grading + audio + ui all work in harmony. I feel physically relieved to get into a pool and cool off. Awesome.

Time gates are too tight and i didn't know you had to wait to outgrow current shell to upgrade until 3rd playthrough. Otherwise an awesome experience!

Fighting starry night as a boss is ... freaking brilliant. Alley's idea I think

I had the same problem and this explanation helped. Think an on-screen prompt "press space to interact" or even just "press space" that pops up when you're at the first npc would solve everything.

Wow, beginning scales really well and traversing the level with the tongue is really fun. A lot of level and game in a little package! Well done

Wow, you guyas totally nailed the PS1 aesthetic. I freaking love the car interior

Nailed the pompousness! Well done!

OMG I love this. An ants rts is... amazing... please ship this!