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Rebot Shader 🤩

Gor ge ou s. gorgeous terrain. Music legit works real talk.

Probuilder textures earn 5/5 FLUXUS score! Really liked the particle effect on the roller, a touch i haven't seen in any roller platformers. Really well done; like the visual. Pompous also 5/5 with the minstrel; also lol

Really cool experience that is a bit eye-opening regarding the reality of navigating without sight.  Great work Eric!

Outstanding work on the UI and +++ 10 pts for hex board. Trash palette is so 🤮 here we 👏👏👏 4 u good sir!!!!

I am deeply grateful for you putting this together and the painting results are great art without pomp. Superb. 

Won! What can I do with the $1000?

Great music and AMAZING personality and character to the art! Not surprised you made a beautiful game with a unique aesthetic voice!

Hand drawn art with line boil, max contrast palette... solid platformer and good idea however arrived; mad respekt for the hand-drawn animated particle effects with the falling leaves, great juice!

LibreOffice version forthcoming.... gives me a reason to install Debian on the orangiPi 5

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the gold is in the commmments


I like the art! Hmu if you wanna join a team and make backdrops for revival jam

We are!?



Love the hand drawn art and animations. Fun little entry! Great work, super trashy.

Supremely well packaged... once I learn to read I'll figure out which buttons to press! Love the text effects and possum.... noicely done!

What is your preferred spreadsheet app?

The gold is in the commmmmmments!!!!

Man, this is pompous to the extreme, abstract soundscape + greyscale palette + circles! It has everything we love among those three things. Bravo, we clap for you.

Craig and circuit dude! But... what actually happened in the story!?

PROPS for making the documentary. OMG soooooooo gooooooood. Acapella, fanzine, documentary... this is beyond impressive.

Love the paper Mario/lumino city vibe with construction paper scans. Fantastic work and explores deeper into sop lore than anything I've seen. Beautiful! Really enjoyed this. Great music!

This is without irony the best powerpoint presentation I have ever seen. No joke. Amazing.

Love it!

Trash - broken U on junkyard sign; UI on stoic globe dialogu; Objet d'Art - visuals are amazing. so human and natural, love the line boil. So trashy... great work! 👏👏👏

What spreadsheet software do you use other than google sheets?

OMG need to upload a libreoffice version

You're in luck, the native pptx is up so you can use the template for your next presentation! Get ready to crush those expectations and wow your audience with polish

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Merci beaucoup monsieur olivares! Glad the pptx was a profound and harmony-inducing transformation for you! Tragedy brings us together as the strongest commonality of the human experience!

Wow, super impressive. Great work! Super great design

So beautiful - can't wait until this is finished and can play the whole thing!

Wow, amazing environment design and hats off to cronchy normals. The levels feel really organic and mouthfeel is crunch with a lil bit of squish. Ragdoll paper pupeet enemies also super great. Superb overall, great work.

We used to have a category called "mouthfeel"... (now closest is viscosity) but would give this six out of 5 stars! great environments, level design, easy level is beautiful but metro is the best... love swining glube with the softbody up the building at the first transit station. Timberly vorglax gungler funglestank to yall, beautiful work.

I love the hand-drawn sprites. Great work yall!

Ohhhhh boy the energy here.... is priceless! Love the art and boxin with the baddie glubes, well done

Wow amazing work, with the character art, UI, plus the complete gameplay. Excellent work all... i am now off to finally beat the glube who surprisingly will eat airplanes as well as buildings, i guess I assumed glube ate only buildings and _not_ airplanes too but after thinking about it the second time I was eaten there's not really much difference between buildings and planes as a _meal_ even if they seem to kind of do different things. Great game, seriously.... excited to see what you do next!

This is an excellente lil' glube based platformer, that is some fine greyboxing. Mechanics worked pretty well and has a complete UX, well done!

Incredible that you are doing this in assembly. If you finish a project and get carts made I will order one. NEXT PROJECT: CONTRA....

...but ... _better_!?

FANTASTIC POLISH! Amazingly well put together. The pinnacle of production speed, here now, i clap for you fine sir!