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David Bokser

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Love the asset pack. Do you do custom commissions/contract work? Would love to talk with you about it.

Thanks so much for playing and streaming! Loved watching your playthrough.

Thank you!

Thank you!

thank you! :)

Thanks for the feedback! There was some experimentation with move speed and how the rhythm mechanic operated in the first few days, and it was getting to be too cumbersome to both perform to the beat and run around while looking at where you're supposed to go, so I slowed down the move speed a lot and simplified the rhythm mechanic so the player doesn't feel like they're rubbing their stomach while patting their head at the same time.

thank you! :)

Pretty cool concept. The gameplay was a bit unforgiving and I didn't know if I was supposed to go into pink haze and didn't realize it was killing me until it was too late.

Love the art style here and it's a great use of the palette. I think the mechanics could be developed more to tie it in with the pop surrealism of the environment.

I like the color mechanic and it made great use of the color palette. Controls were a bit confusing as I tried playing with the controller but it didn't seem like there was a way to change colors using the controller, and couldn't figure out how to do some things with the keyboard - jump or shoot, I forgot which - so it made me awkwardly switch between controller and mouse/kb combo while playing. There's definitely a lot of potential with the color mechanic though and I could see this being expanded into a metroidvania where different colors have different properties and you unlock them as you progress.

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Nice, fun, self contained experience. I saw that you didn't get to finish what you wanted to but I like how you wrapped the story up with the ghost callback. Fun writing overall and great use of the palette. 

I got the same bug as BagelMaster5000 did with the music after dying to the magician. 

Nice and fluid rail shooter. Aiming was a little confusing to me, as I didn't know if I was supposed to aim with the square cursor or the circle so I was shooting all over the place. Camera work and tone was great. Great work!

Really solid infinite runner, and very impressive for the speed at which you put this together. I like the snap back to center mechanic. I don't play a ton of infinite runners but that seemed like a novel addition which made the controls feel more fluid than having to tap several times to make lane changes.

The sound design was hilarious, and I thought the mechanic with the shark connected to the cursor with a loose spring gave the game an added sense of zaniness that fit with the writing and sound and made it stand out from similar types of games. Good stuff.

Had trouble running your game. It gives me an error upon loading "Unable to find VL Gothic font." I'm on Windows 10.


I'm having the same issue. I open the executable, and none of the buttons are responsive. I'm running Windows 10 with 2 monitors and a cintiq as a 3rd monitor. Graphics card is GeForce GTX 1080