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A short platformer where you must paint your way to the end of each level.
Submitted by RandomCardboardBox — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Neat Idea 🧠#24.4104.714
Fun 🎊#44.0094.286
Palette usage 🌈#104.2764.571
Mouthfeel / Vibe 😶#123.3413.571
Evocativity 🤗😭#132.9403.143

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Definitely a great use of the colors in gameplay, and I loved the many ways in which the 'current color' interacted with the environment. I think there are a lot of great ideas in here, especially for a jam!


Really cool idea! I loved that there seemed to be multiple solutions to some puzzles depending on your skill level. Like early in the first couple levels I started messing with changing colors while scaling certain areas and ended up climbing up parts of the map XD. Also want to throw in that I appreciated that in level two there is a gemstone behind a wall you haven't been told how to interact with yet, and so you can figure it out or be told in the next level. That's good level design to pull players back and forth between your levels :D

I'm assuming the gemstone looking things were supposed to be indicated on the level select screen when you've picked them up as extra collectibles, but it seemed like it wasn't saving that I picked them up.


Game was fun and challenging overall. Good concept to use with the limited amount of colors. I liked having the slow down of time while switching between colors. The controls felt a little unresponsive at time when using any of the zxcv keys. Using those keys also felt awkward as I would forget which key was which at times.

At the end of level 4 it felt easier to run jump across all the sponges at their smallest size.


I like the color mechanic and it made great use of the color palette. Controls were a bit confusing as I tried playing with the controller but it didn't seem like there was a way to change colors using the controller, and couldn't figure out how to do some things with the keyboard - jump or shoot, I forgot which - so it made me awkwardly switch between controller and mouse/kb combo while playing. There's definitely a lot of potential with the color mechanic though and I could see this being expanded into a metroidvania where different colors have different properties and you unlock them as you progress.