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How has everybody's first day been?

A topic by cefleet created Jun 05, 2016 Views: 671 Replies: 14
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So today was the first day of the jam, and I had a ton of stuff to do around the house, so I didn't really dedicate to it very much. I did get a the basic map generation done and the basic movement of the main charecter but that is about it. How did you guys fair today?


looking for a gdscript to create texture at runtime, no luck :(

use _draw function then get the viewport(you can add another viewport to screen) and call get_render_target_texture() to get texture .

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I just started creating some basic art assets, starting out slow, too. I guess the projects will become more hectic as we near the crunch time. :)

I'm new to game development, but can anyone help define procedural in terms of game development? There is procedural world generation which games like minecraft have, but what other ways can a game be procedural?

Anything can be procedural! Dungeons & Levels are the most common, but the principle can be applied to anything!

Waves of enemies could be procedural (instead of placed by hand), damage to buildings or tiles could be procedural, any system in the game which can be defined by rules and automated can be made procedural.

Mauricio Felippe shared an online book on Godot's Facebook page, about game procedural generation :

The introduction sets the defintion, and the chapters explain the concepts in depth.

Today is my first day for this jam. I am back from work, my girlfirend is not here tonight, so let's go! :)

@ How has everybody's first day been?

I've been on the starting blocs for so long that I've just noticed the first day was 2 days ago.

Completely new to Godot engine that I wanted to try since a long time, so this is a perfect occasion. Just having some experience with Unity so there will be a lot to learn for me. Hope I'll manage to produce something soon enough. So since yesterday my brain is focused at learning docs as well as thinking about a doable game idea.

Very excited about this jam :)

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I had a hard time coming up with an idea for a game so my first day was on monday (13.07.). Spent about 9 hours and got a prototype done.

This weekend I want to get the sounds and maybe music finished and focus on PGC and fine tuning till the end of the jam.

Screenshot (title screen/menu)


How come there arent' many entries?.. i was hoping for a lot more x(

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Well, there are all almost 4x more entries than for the last Godot jam. I think that's pretty good.

Edit: Now it's more than 4x (last got 11 entries and this one (at the moment I'm writing this) got 66)

There is still one week


Yeah people will usually post their games during the last week-end :)

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Yeah ... and some lazy others, will just wait the last days to actually start coding something ....... (hmmm hmmm ... I hope i'll find an idea at last )