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The FerrymanView game page

You are Charon, ferryman of the underworld. Dead souls need you to cross the river Styx.
Submitted by GreenBeakCrow — 3 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline

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Godot version
3.2 @33897d9b5844aa0147d55841845427ed599d069f

Game description
You are Charon and help dead souls over the river Styx by playing a match-3 game

You only need a mouse, in-game help on how to play available. Extra keys for music control (see game page).

Participation level
First Godot Wild Jam participation, second jam altogether.

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Nice variation on the match-3 genre! Graphics are pretty simple but they work well, there's a good atmosphere here. At some point I didn't have any possible move and thought the game would be over, but the was board reset, which is nice. So we're chasing a high score, it wasn't obvious from the beginning.


Yes, you're right that the the game not having a specific achievable goal is not clearly stated anywhere. I will see to that. Happy you find it nice nonetheless, thanks!


Great game. I like the combination of the match 3 game mechanic with the ferryman transporting the passengers / souls. I enjoyed it a lot. Also nice graphics and sounds, the music track was intense (could have been more chill to fit the relaxing game imho). Overall very cool and polished game :) (i did found a little typo in tutorial: "All tiles in each [...] and repalced with new ones" , so only two letters switched: replaced)


Thanks four your comment, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game! I agree on you thoughts about the music - it was a difficult task for me to find a fitting track, so eventually I picked the first one that seemed suitable.

Also thanks for your typo report, I will upload a fixed version then the voting is over.

Submitted (1 edit)

Great take on the classic match-3 genre.

A few times I wished I had a way to buy off or swap one white block.


Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, though being able to remove one of the white tiles would maybe lower the tension too much. Your wish for that is, from my perspective, a sign that they work as intended. Or did you feel particularly punished or frustrated? Were just too many of them incoming at once?

(1 edit)

Nice game, a major bug is that you can't unselect a block? So I once clicked a block between 4 dog ones and I lost because of it. :P Also there seems to be no win condition? Probably best use of the theme I have seen!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm very happy you like it!

What version of the game are you using? At least in the Linux build you can deselect a tile by clicking again on it: 


Ah, yes, there is no win condition, it's just a "how far can you get?" kind of game.

(2 edits)

Windows, and on a fresh startup it actually does work as intended. I played the game for a pretty long time before I guess the unselect function got bugged? I hope that helps in your bug hunt.

*edit* You might want to tell people that more explicitly in the how to. ;) The open end I mean.


Did you try clicking on one of the actions (swap colours, get hint) when you couldn't deselect anymore? If so, did that work? It would help in determining if it is a more general input error or just the deselection.

Since you're on windows: did the sound effects and the music play properly or did you experience stuttering or crackling?

I will update the how to play with your suggestion, thanks, although only after the voting ends to pay respect to the deadline.

(1 edit)

Yeah I think I really did click on the selected block to attempt to unselect it. I was frantically trying to unselect it using different methods for a whole minute before just giving up and watching the game slowly end. Which was actually nice cause I got to see a bit more of it, the most time is spend looking at the left. And the nice portrayal of the underworld on the right can sort of be ignored. I suggest you also just disable a block that can't move any direction? Maybe give it a a little shake and a soft *kegh* sound when you try to click it anyway. :)

Audio worked just fine.


I'll have to think about it. It might confuse users if you can't click a tile you are usually perfectly allowed to click. On the other hand, it should be a very rare case. I can't actually remember having consciously seen any. Another possibility would be to automatically disable the current selection when clicking on a tile you can't swap with, but that could also lower the "fault tolerance" in cases you, for example, click a little too far away. Auto-deselection would force you to click another two times to actually do the move you intended, not just once.

Glad the audio is working, though!