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Zen DroneView game page

Godot Wild Jam #38 submission
Submitted by SporkTank (@TankSpork) — 4 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

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Game Description
Even the most well designed buildings need a maintainer. Play as zen-maintaining drone in this solarpunk survival game.

How does your game tie into the theme?
Light-hearted take on what solarpunk buildings might be like.


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2nd GWJ

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3rd gamejam

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Neat concept, art-style was great, spinning and elevating around the building worked well.  This was really well done.


Really unique idea, nice light-hearted take on the theme as you say, it's fun to play and overall just really polished. The 3D models and textures look great, they are pretty cohesive.

A+ on accessibility too with the mini-map, the big exclamation point and check marks, and the log that tells you what your robot did. Really great UI work in general, I think it's my personal choice for #1 in this category from what I've seen.

For your third game jam this is incredible, can't wait to see more!


Wow, I almost missed on this one, this is my absolute favourite! Congrats on your submission!


I couldn't play the game in the browser and it said it was damaged when I tried to download.  It doesn't sound like others had this issue and maybe its because I am on a Mac and that is why I am having trouble.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for trying to play.. yes I think it's a bit too graphic intensive for the browser (I did realise after submitting I should try GLES-2). In any case I have a Mac version (built from a Mac this time), just contacting the admins to let me re-submit it.


Uploaded a .dmg file, should be okay on Macs. :)


it said it was damaged when I tried to download

From my understanding this is a common problem Mac users have with some itch games, the easiest way to solve this is by downloading the game through the itch app.

Alternatively you can delete the apple.quarantine attribute from the downloaded file by writing in the terminal:

path_to_game xattr -d

Oh this is interesting, thank you so much for the info! Hopefully helps Mac users.


After the re-upload the download work fine.   I found it very visually impressive for a jam game (and i get why it couldnt really run in the browser). 


At first I wasn't sure what I'm suppose to be doing, but when I got the hang of it, it was really great experience! The SFX, graphics, music and gameplay all fit together nicely!


Fun game!  Smooth controls and solid level design :)


The graphic design is lovely and I love it.

And the sound was pleasantly entertaining to play!


Nice game,

I love the music , and the 3D models. They look awesome.

You should consider adding a tutorial (I didn't know what i was doing at first :")

Give the player simple tasks first instead of throwing him in the gameplay directly.


also the game is kinda short, consider making more levels (buildings) with more challenges.

Also, consider making the controls mouse-only (Keyboard isnt important in this game, you can look around and interact with mouse only)


I love this! My type of game, no jumping and falling to one's death!

Great idea, lovely graphics, fun to play... very little to improve on, but maybe the text at the bottom needs to be more prominent - or to disappear!

Only your second GWJ attempt - nice!


Ah nice game and pretty similiar to the first idea we had (but way better than we could have built it). Make a lot of fun once one get used to the controls and the information about missions displayed in the lower right corner.

I rotated a lot and felt a bit dizzy after a while, but great submission!