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I've felt strong Kirby vibes from this one!
Amazing sprite work, relaxing yet entertaining, I absolutely loved it!

Thanks for the feedback!

It's a little noisey on eyes with this really bright maybe just some little darker tone of green of this grid pattern be a little bit less noticeable.

My bad, there is an option to change the game palette in the pause menu but it didn't occur to me to mention it anywhere.

And very easy to keep it alive just update more and more levels and it's a good game to kill some time.

There is some refactoring to do but I'll consider the idea of making a mobile port of the game!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I definitely took a whole lot of inspiration from Adventures of Lolo!
I made the fly sound purposefully annoying but I guess I overdid it ^^"
The sound fx volume and the grid visibility could be changed from the pause menu, but I think I have not communicated it properly.
Thanks again for taking your time in writing me your thoughts, I'll look into the chomper plants bug you reported!

Some outstanding level design here! Also loved the art and the music!
My only complain is that the game could have benefited having a way to see the room layout in advance, something akin to Celeste's Binoculars. 
That said I would love to see a full fledged version of this!

Great gameplay and lovely graphics. Clever use of the limited palette. The vfxs were really juicy and on point but maybe (along with sprite rotations) didn't feel very gameboy-ish. 
Overall it's a very fun game!

The game is really fun! Furthermore it's incredibly polished (as always) considering the short duration of the jam, congrats and keep up the good work! :)

Unfortunately I was oblivious of this initiative until today, I'll leave a link in case you choose to open up a second round of submissions:

Thank you! I'm glad you managed to reach the end!

Thanks for the kind feedback, I'm glad someone noticed the lowpass shift!

Have the arrow keys move the harpoon but NOT the vessel was an odd feeling

At first I implemented the controls that way but it was impossible to rotate the submarine when in narrow spaces so I changed it.
I agree that the mouse would've been a better fit though, thanks for the suggestion

Thank you!

Wow, I almost missed on this one, this is my absolute favourite! Congrats on your submission!

it said it was damaged when I tried to download

From my understanding this is a common problem Mac users have with some itch games, the easiest way to solve this is by downloading the game through the itch app.

Alternatively you can delete the apple.quarantine attribute from the downloaded file by writing in the terminal:

path_to_game xattr -d

Thank you!

I'm glad you had fun and managed to clear the game!
I added the possibility to increase the max HP as an attempt to make the game more accessible for some non-gamer friends who did some beta testing before the submission :)

Thank you, I'm glad to hear that!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and for such a detailed feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, I didn't put enough thought into the level design due to the time constraints, in case I'll make a post-jam version I'll make sure to fix the difficulty curve / add some options to make the game easier.

Thanks a lot for the kind words!!

Thanks! I used the PICO-8 palette for the game.
I'm sorry that you found the sounds annoying, I've added a mute option for the music for that very same reason but it never occurred to me to add one for the SFX.

Thank you! In fact I decided to cut the game content and polish the game some more

I'm glad you had fun! I put some effort into juicing things up to make up for the lack of content

Thank you!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for your feedback, if I ever happen to make an extended post-jam version I'll definitely add an autofire option. 
I used the PICO-8 palette indeed!

Thank you!

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The Linux version is a 64-Bit executable, but I could also upload a 32-Bit version if the need arise (although I'd have no means to test if it works properly)

I've uploaded a new version, ""
Let me know if it fixes the issue

Which OS are you running?
Are you playing with a controller?

It's unlikely I will update the project at this point, however recently I started working on a remake which will definitely have full screen support.

It's a known issue some itch games have with the latest macOS versions.

The fastest solution is to download the game through the itch App

Alternatively, follow those steps:

  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Press Command + Space Bar on your Mac Keyboard. Type in “Terminal” When you see Terminal in the Spotlight search list, click it to open the app.
  • copy paste the following line in the terminal window, paying attention to copy the last white space as well
xattr -d 
  • drag and drop the in the terminal window and hit enter.

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to write this review! 
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed StarBoy!

Thanks a lot for the useful feedback!
I'll be sure to improve controller support and add a full screen option in an upcoming patch.
I'm glad you had fun!

Hey thanks, let me know what you think about it! As of now it's pretty hard, totally not for everyone, anyway I hope you enjoyed it!
(By the way your artworks are great! Keep up the good work!)

Hey! I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulties! I've done a quick research and seems that the problem is related to the latest AMD drivers, have you already checked those posts?