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IMPORTANT! Missed the date?

A topic by Redefine Gamedev created 61 days ago Views: 248 Replies: 12
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The end date is June 2nd, CEST time. Unfortunately this was not communicated properly, and only had a timezone-adjusted timer.

With that said, we will be extending the submission period until the last GMT reaches the 2nd of June.


This gave us a big panic today! We thought we were going to have until tomorrow, but ended up checking when Itch said we had 3h 30m left! Luckily we were able to squash our last couple of bugs and get our submission in! 


Not cool at all, responded to my post here saying that I COULD still submit our game yet the itch page never reflected that. Can y’all please fix this it’s so messed up.


I manually fixed the jam date, to allow itch to receive the submissions


I find this quite unfair. If I knew of this time extension I would have polished my game more.


This time extension is just 2 hours, only to allow people that have missed the deadline because of timezone-related issues


Is it two hours? It looks like the jam is still open to me despite submissions closing 16 hours ago. I also would have fixed some things that people brought to my attention since then.


The jam is only open for people that were misled by June 2nd date and forgot to check the timezone.

Regarding game breaking updates, you can make them in the rating period. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Hell yeah, I would have finished my game instead of sulking all day LMAO. I got a bunch of stuff working right after the jam ended (like a playable-ish level). I guess it's on me really for not checking until now, this week as been really busy outside of the jam.


Does this reset ratings or will those be held over when the new submission deadline is over?

Host (1 edit) (+1)

I checked and the ratings are still there. You cannot rate games until this period ends unfortunately


Alright, thanks.


NOTE: this time extension is NOT to allow people to work more on their games but to enable people that missed the deadline. It was advertised "June 2nd" without specifying a particular timezone