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Hey! Glad you like it. This kit is a complete rewrite of the old one, a game out-of-the-box. You can reskin it and ship it.

Go Godot Jam 4 community · Created a new topic Prizes

Don't forget to check if you got any prize.

Contact Adrian Redefine on GoGodotJam discord

Redeem time: one month (until the 1st of July 2023)

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Looking for the results? 

Join the livestream to see the winners. The announcement will be soon and the stream will happen this Saturday, the 27th of May.

See you there!

p.s. stick around because we have random prizes for people that participated!

Hi! Thanks for participating in GoGodotJam4!

Your project was disqualified because most likely was made outside of the jam's time interval. The project is too big (11 minigames, many characters, even a DLC). In a span of one week that is unlikely to be done.

seems forums are experiencing some issues
Go Godot Jam 4 community · Created a new topic Your games

the extra time for technical issues is over

Good luck, everyone!

p.s. if you missed it completely, post your game in the community page or discord so that people can play and enjoy your work


Contact me ASAP on discord (Adrian Redefine on the GoGodotHub)


Good luck!

The theme is LESS is MORE

We will swap sometimes too, don't worry :)

Join Jade and guests in the opening ceremony to be the first to find out GoGodotJam4's theme

Actually, the theme reveal was on Jade's channel :)

It's the timezone which the game jam is organised around


The theme of the jam will be announced in a livestream on the 5th of May UTC0.

More information about that stream will be posted soon

Check this document to see if you won.

If you did and not claimed your prize yet, contact me on discord Mithy#7718

you have to contact me on discord

We had a crash but recovered fast 

Hi! You just did. Now you are eligible!

Link here

"By submitting your game to GoGodotJam3 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming"

the used music is copyrighted and not safe for streaming

"By submitting your game to GoGodotJam3 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming"

the used music is copyrighted and not safe for streaming

yes, you can edit the game page as much as you like. Just the game uploads are locked

Hey! Don't forget to check for our official streamers topics (they will be stickied). You can post your game there and you will receive live awesome feedback.

The game is GREAT, if it gets balanced I'm sure it will be a success

The game is great and I would have loved to finish it. But it was beginning to turn into a timewaster :(

It has great potential and I am looking forward to updates when the jam is finished.

Awesome work

Interesting idea, I really enjoyed playing the game.

The balance of the game needs more work: there is no way to get prayers faster and a lot of things depend on them (hundreds).

Even if you upgrade the temple, it will just make the top bar increase faster (which you can easily fix with more resource output). Basically, everything is limited by the timer below which seems to go at the same pace.

Contact me ASAP on discord Mithy#7718

I fixxored dat

Good catch

Join our discord server ( ) and use the GoGodotBot to find your team today!

This question is already answered here

Go to / game jams / and you fill find the jam there

This is the link.

Sometimes it does not work on mobile phones

You can add other team members in the project (More > Admins > add them > Display as contributor)