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It's a little SUS ඞ

Hope you like it :)

Have you checked your game's gameplay from the official streams? 

yes you can

Then make sure to vote for it by filling this poll. The results of this will be announced on that stream as well :D

The ratings will officially be unveiled in the Wrap-up Event on the 9th.

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The winners, awards, GoGodotJam v2? will be announced on the 9th of June!

Here is the link for the stream!

Meanwhile, leave us a feedback here

Hey @sprvlln! Coming back to this thread. I created another thread (sticky) where you can post your game so that people can experience your work.

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I know for sure that some people worked hard on their games and missed submitting because of various reasons.

Let's show the jammers what they missed!

If you have made a game for GoGodotJam and did not submit to the jam, post in this thread. This way people will still be able to experience your game and work.

note: they will not be added to the jam, but this post is sticky and people will see your games

hey! Jade already played your game. Here is the link

We do allow fixes for game-breaking bugs. Controller remapping is not that game breaking, unless you mapped it for AZERTY keyboards :)

Let's leave it like this until the jam wraps up and change it after.

Your game got rated a lot and you should be fine, don't worry ;)


- the game was not made in the allocated jam time

The same game was on, for 3 weeks ago. (

I also want to add some games from the ratings below 10:


Thanks for participating!

You are allowed to make updates to fix "Game-Breaking" issues. Maybe you can make something work

Good luck! The game looks interesting


  • submitted to multiple jams
  • PAID game (and no, it's not pay what you want)

Then you need to contact itch for help. We are using their platform to host the jam.

Hi! This seems like an itch technical issue.

With that said, if your friend an admin to your project? Go to Edit Project > More > Admins > add and display as a contributor. This should fix your issue

ACB Will have a stream tomorrow! You can check this link when / where your game is going to be played

No problem! We did learn from this and the jam will get better in the future.

We still have your game on our play list (to be streamed). Make sure it works and we will play it.

The jam is only open for people that were misled by June 2nd date and forgot to check the timezone.

Regarding game breaking updates, you can make them in the rating period. 

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I checked and the ratings are still there. You cannot rate games until this period ends unfortunately

NOTE: this time extension is NOT to allow people to work more on their games but to enable people that missed the deadline. It was advertised "June 2nd" without specifying a particular timezone

This time extension is just 2 hours, only to allow people that have missed the deadline because of timezone-related issues

I manually fixed the jam date, to allow itch to receive the submissions

Itch does not allow submissions after a jam closes. With that said, I manually adjusted the jam to be able to submit. You have a window of 2 hours to do that.

The end date is June 2nd, CEST time. Unfortunately this was not communicated properly, and only had a timezone-adjusted timer.

With that said, we will be extending the submission period until the last GMT reaches the 2nd of June.

It ended on the 2nd of June. CEST time unfortunately. Only itch had timezone-adjusted countdown.

Since this is an organizer error, you are allowed to submit your game

Note taken. Unfortunately no Godot merch yet :(

Here are the discord links

It is there!

Yes, you can update while the submission period is available.

After that, in the rating period, you can only update for game-breaking bugs, critical fixes, etc


- submitted to multiple jams

- created outside the jam period


  • game submitted to multiple jams
  • game made in Unity

you can publish a devlog after

you have to provide more details for this..

1) the scammer's name
2) which discord server are you referring to
3) the name of the game

You can try exporting the game name as "index" or try renaming the <game-name>.html to index.html

Hope that helps!

you can edit the game in the game's page

Hey! Thanks for your interest in Go Godot Jam.

I just talked with all the partners and the final answer is that we don't allow multiple submissions from the same person.

Try to put all the effort into making one game that is polished, fun to play and has an original take on the theme Growth.

Good luck!

Initially the team decided that the jam would not have any prize. Later GDQuest contacted us and offered some courses. Now we also have courses from Canopy games.