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Check this document to see if you won.

If you did and not claimed your prize yet, contact me on discord Mithy#7718

you have to contact me on discord

We had a crash but recovered fast 

Hi! You just did. Now you are eligible!

Link here

"By submitting your game to GoGodotJam3 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming"

the used music is copyrighted and not safe for streaming

"By submitting your game to GoGodotJam3 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming"

the used music is copyrighted and not safe for streaming

yes, you can edit the game page as much as you like. Just the game uploads are locked

Hey! Don't forget to check for our official streamers topics (they will be stickied). You can post your game there and you will receive live awesome feedback.

The game is GREAT, if it gets balanced I'm sure it will be a success

The game is great and I would have loved to finish it. But it was beginning to turn into a timewaster :(

It has great potential and I am looking forward to updates when the jam is finished.

Awesome work

Interesting idea, I really enjoyed playing the game.

The balance of the game needs more work: there is no way to get prayers faster and a lot of things depend on them (hundreds).

Even if you upgrade the temple, it will just make the top bar increase faster (which you can easily fix with more resource output). Basically, everything is limited by the timer below which seems to go at the same pace.

Contact me ASAP on discord Mithy#7718

I fixxored dat

Good catch

Join our discord server ( ) and use the GoGodotBot to find your team today!

This question is already answered here

Go to / game jams / and you fill find the jam there

This is the link.

Sometimes it does not work on mobile phones

You can add other team members in the project (More > Admins > add them > Display as contributor)

You can use what version you want, just make sure the game works.

Vote for the theme of GoGodotJam 3 CLASSIC

Hey Bordg! Welcome to GoGodotJam. Join our discord server and get help and a team.

Bread's concern was addressed as soon as possible. I will be locking this thread because these types of discussions might lead to flame wars.

We, the GoGodotJam organizers, abide by Godot's Code of Conduct.

"The Godot project is committed to providing a friendly and safe environment for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, language proficiency, age, political orientation, nationality, religion, or other similar characteristics. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of participants in any form."

Aawesome! Good luck with the project! 

I’ve talked with them and now the issue was resolved.

Can you try again please?

Hey! It might be because of your country not being supported yet.

The supported countries list:

Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh Barbados Belgium Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Chad China Ivory Coast Croatia Cyprus Czechia Denmark Egypt Estonia Eswatini Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Guinea Hungary Iceland Indonesia Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Namibia Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Panama Papa New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Rwanda Saint Lucia Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Sudan South Africa Spain Sweden Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Uganda Ukraine United States of America Uzbekistan Zambia Zimbabwe

Let me know if that's the case or something else. And if it's something else, I need to check ASAP with GOTM team

Hey Lilina and welcome to GoGodotJam3!

I hope you will find a team member soon. Meanwhile, you can use our automated discord bot to search for a team on our official server there. There are already 500+ members.

Here is the invite:

I did change it. Thanks for raising awareness about this!

Looking forward to see you in the jam!

thanks. glad you liked it :D

yes, it's ok. Also, GoGodotJam is abbreviated GOGJ, not to be confused with Global Game Jam which is GGJ

Congrats on winning! Contact me on discord, the GoGodotJam server

Congrats on winning! Contact me on discord, the GoGodotJam server

yes, it needs a better way of putting the words

thought we never received questions about that one

(1 edit)

Unfortunately, genocide was submitted to multiple game jams, and breaks our rule.

Thanks for spotting this one! We already disqualified one earlier on the same rule. Yes, the games need to be just for this jam.

I will remove the entry soon.

After the voting session ends, the winners will be hidden. If you want to be the first to know who won the jam + much more, join us in this wrap-up livestream.

If you want to make GoGodotJam better, you can give us your feedback (greatly appreciated and also anonymous)

p.s. this is the last day for the Fundraiser. If you enjoyed the event & got value from it, consider supporting us

Reason: broke the rule "Only submissions for this jam are allowed"