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Oh, if it's Godot, if you download a similar version of the editor and rename it the same as the .pck, it should just open. Godot games are very very easy to port to Linux. I've honestly had more issues running Godot on Windows than on Linux tbh.

Does it work on Proton? if it's a Ren'Py game, it might work if you follow the porting instructions as if you made the game.

It does, but it makes it very cumbersome to back up & sync your saves. And there's probably other issues I just haven't run into yet. Also, the Steam version includes everything that's needed to run natively, but it uses Proton anyway.

Any chance we'll get a Linux build on Steam?

Crashes on start with and without DXVK, here is a backtrace:


There's a restart button in pause menu if you press escape or "Menu" on an Xbox controller. Once the jam is over, I'll make it so your reset automatically if you get stuck like that.

Yeah, sorry about that. The macOS templates for 4.0 alpha 6 seem to be broken, and I forgot to disable it in my upload script. You might be able to use the pck with a copy of the editor.

Thanks! Haha, that's how I ended up with the random character model in there, I wanted to see if I could get jiggle physics working but the actual gryphon model wasn't ready yet. 4.0 has jiggle bone support built in, I haven't quite figured it out yet.

This game is amazing! This is my favorite from what I've played so far. It really captures the whole fever dream vibe well.

Also, the Linux build is missing the .pck, but the Windows version works fine in Wine.

Thanks for the feedback, I ran out of time before I could get a lot of that working. However, I haven't had the issue where the destination is too small to see, what size screen and screen resolution are you playing on? I didn't test it on a very wide variety of screens.

You could copy the control layout from DJI drones (Watch Dogs 2 uses this too iirc). The left stick does altitude and rotation while the left stick does forward, backwards, and strafing like in an FPS game.

I'd say it's mostly the first few areas that feel too difficult, everything else was nice challenge, but a little on the easy side.

Try renaming the file called "wotter" to "wotter.exe", my bad. :3

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Hell yeah, I would have finished my game instead of sulking all day LMAO. I got a bunch of stuff working right after the jam ended (like a playable-ish level). I guess it's on me really for not checking until now, this week as been really busy outside of the jam.

Alright, but will I be disqualified if the Mac builds do not run?

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I'm using Godot 4.0 for my game (yes, I know, bad idea, but I like to live dangerously sometimes). Building export templates on my super old computer sounds like it would be somewhat disastrous or just extremely time consuming. Could I just include Calinou's editor builds (his export templates seem to be out of date) and a launcher instead of properly exporting my game?

The MacOS builds likely would not work if I did this since they also seem to be out of date. 

It sounds like a joke, but it drops a loot bag you have to find a pick up to get your stuff back... while being shot at of course.

Oh! I have that disabled. But that makes me wonder, maybe Steam Play isn't working because I have the Steam runtime disabled.

Wine 5.22 and DXVK on an RX460 and i3-2100 on Arch Linux with the 5.9.13. This is my first time seriously trying Lutris with Wine, so I'm not sure what info is important. Right of the bat, it seems like DXVK is a complete game changer and for some reason, Steam Play isn't using it.

"When I died, all items in inventory were gone"

That's a feature, not a bug.

It runs at 25 FPS on an RX460 and i3-2100, so yes.

Works with Lutris and Wine for me. Most UE4 games play nice in Wine in my limited experience.

This game is so pretty!

No, taking breaks from long projects is pretty normal.

The walking animation is soooo satisfying XD and the flow of the gameplay feels really nice. I couldn't play the second floor because my monitor is 5:4 and it cuts off the sides.

Oh no, I wasn't meaning your game would be bad, I was more just being pessimistic about how most big game jams go. It's not uncommon for a lot of games to go unplayed by anyone else but the completionists (and the hosts), regardless of how good the games are. But, I'll still play your game!

Godot but pronounced "Ga-doh" this time.

Bold of you to assume anyone will play your game, even if it's a web game. XD

Read the rules. If somehow both jam timelines line up and have compatible themes, got for it, but otherwise... Almost certainly not.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you! I've never gotten a critique on a game before and admittedly I would have wished it weren't this one. So, the 3 attacks per turn was intentional but I had planned to make it so where you were standing relative to the sheep affected how much damage they did, but I never got that working. I think I could add a "Public Opinion" bar that showed how some of the attacks gave the sheep attacks that do more damage the next round.  I could even make the more absurd and crass ad-lib choices only show up when the sheep are completely blind with rage. I think I might comeback to this project soon and fix a lot of the things you mentioned...

I think the latest build sort of works.

Do you have a Linux build? I ran the game in Wine and all I got was black screen after the menu. I think the game was still running, I heard sound effects.

You could link to the scratch project if all else fails.

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Can confirm. I'm having the same issue on Arch Linux with an RX460. Only happens on max settings.

Why does Unity even still have 32bit support for Linux and macOS? All it does is confuse people.