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For the first GMTK Gamejam. A simple two button arcade game. Only playable with a gamepad!
Submitted by MatheusCunegato (@MatheusCunegato) — 6 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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You only play with 2 buttons and you can control your move with your bullet recoil.

Third-party resources
GameMaker Studio 2, Photoshop CC, Sfbgames

Matheus Pacheco Cunegato - Programmer, Artist, Game Designer and Sound Designer
Gabriel Pacheco Cunegato - Gameplay Tester

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Fun game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Really nice sprite work, however think this requires a lot of explaining. 

The jump doesn't allow you to go high enough, so I was stuck at the bottom until I realized you could climb on the vines by jumping on them ? (Not very intuitive). The player's death is also not communicated clearly, is it running out of time? Or worms going out of which side of the screen. 

Submitted (3 edits)

I really like this game. It's sorta like Super Crate Box, but with moments of vulnerability in between guns to even out the pacing. The whole recoil=movement idea certainly isn't unique in this jam, but the mechanic is very well implemented here and the game controls excellently. The screen shake and controller rumble really sell the impact of each shot. The aesthetic is really nice as well, with lots of detail strewn about the level. That being said, the weapon pickups blend into the background and could have done with being a different color. I almost missed them entirely. It certainly would be a shame if somebody plays this game without even realizing that there are weapon pickups. My other criticism is the fact that the score is not displayed on the death screen. The high score feature is nice, but not having the score on the death screen means that I have to remember my score before I die, and most players will be focused on the intense gameplay instead and miss their score entirely. That being said, these are both minor issues that don't really take away from the core gameplay loop, which is excellent. I have to say that this is a really great entry overall. Good work!


Using a controller, it was pretty fun! The feel is nice and it controlled very well. I think the best thing you can do is make it clear that you have to go hit those pickups to get a gun; I was confused why I couldn't shoot with the jump button at first (and add keyboard/mouse support so more people can play!). Reminds me of Super Crate Box a bit but I think this is unique in its own ways. Good work!


Thank you for your kind words! I completely agree on the issue of feedback about picking up the gun, it really was something that was missing because of GameJam's short time :( 
I'll try to get some free time this week to include the mouse / keyboard issue, which was also missing. I'm very happy that you enjoyed the game, thank you very much for the comment!


Hey, the game looks really cool but I have no idea how to play it. What are the controls? I think I've pressed every key on my keyboard and nothing seems to happen.


Hi! Thank you very much :D

Because of the limited time I ended up not being able to program the game for mouse and keyboard, then, as I put there in the description, you need a gamepad to play :(
With the gamepad, the controls are A (for Xbox, and X for ps4), and the analog stick.


oops missed that. I don't have controller at hand right now, but I might play it later if I do.


As a word of advice, people don't generally read the "short description" too thoroughly. That's more of a tagline for your game and people don't look at it for control information. You should probably put a list of controls in the main body of the game's description for people to refer to. Something like this:

CONTROLS (gamepad only)

Analog Stick - Movement

A(xbox) or X(ps4) - Jump/Shoot

It should be something that people will notice on your page at a glance. Hope this helps!


really cool