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5 deaths and 4 minutes! Loved the game, everything is just so well-polished! The soundtrack fitted so nicely, congratulations on the submission! The only feedback would be regarding the last screen that shows your death and time, which disappeared so fast I could not print it haha.

Lovely game! Was able to finish it in 13:13. I've had a slightly rough time on floor 17, nothing that I would change to be honest. Amazing in every aspect, congratulations on the submission!

Thank you so much Kenjui!

Thanks a lot Triberium, really appreciated!

Thank you so much Crystal Peach!

Thanks a lot for the feedback Scorched! Do you recall which one you had doubts about the solution? 

Now I'm super curious about your previous project!!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback Surger! Means a lot to us!

Thank you so much Geraud!

Thanks a lot Dan! We really stretched the theme a little bit, we've tried to avoid a super obvious idea but ended up with a stretched one. We are super glad with the reception and how people are enjoying it! We also wanted to make a longer game, but we've prioritized the polish over the quantity, and 48h runs out pretty fast right? HAHA

Thank you so much Horace! It means a lot to us!!

That puzzle was our biggest concern related to the difficulty, glad that you've enjoyed that slightly harder challenge! Thanks for your feedback!

Hey SenorGurki! Thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to us! About the theme, we discussed a lot about not fitting the theme because this idea certainly stretches it! It's hard to avoid obvious directions (a game X with an input twist), and still be close to the theme. After a long discussion, we doubled down on this idea and see what we would end up with.

Even not fitting that well, we are super happy that you and other folks are enjoying it, thanks a lot for playing it!

Very well executed! Loved the cozy vibes of cleaning up a dungeon and letting it ready for the adventure, felt very relaxing haha! Would love to hear a "shoooosh" sound when the slime is sucking up the debris on the ground, or a whipping sound when cleaning the dust! Anyway, congratulations on the submission!

Loved the execution and how well it fits the theme! The narrative bits to help with the pacing are also super welcome. Hope to see this in the video!

Thanks a lot Alejandro! Fingers crossed haha!

Very creative and nicely fitting with the theme! I was impressed by the amount of systems implemented, congrats on the submission!

Such a cool and relaxing game! Impressive that you did it solo, congratulations on the results!

Thanks a lot Sayuri! Glad that you liked it!

Thank you so much! Glad that you've enjoyed it!

Woow, thanks a lot for the kind words! And holy fck, now I want to have this code written on the character's back so bad! Even for an easter egg or bonus stuff, perfect idea! We actually added the player's 3d model a few minutes before the deadline, but I think there are many things that can be interesting to explore knowing that you can see your own character through other's eyes as well!

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback and the rating, it means a lot to us <3

Thank you so much Daanish, means a lot to us!

We too liked how the idea went out, thanks a lot for the feedback! Let's see what the future holds for this prototype :)

Thanks a lot! We had a blast trying to make this mechanic feels intuitive and interesting, glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! The animation issue was our lack of experience with 3d animations showing up hahaha. Thanks a lot for the feedback, glad that you've liked it!

Thank you so much! I've sent this to Matheus (the one who did the music), he was flattered!

Thanks HiHoot, glad that you've enjoyed it!

I got stuck in the ground, 10/10

Very cool concept! We were thinking about making a shoot'em up reversed, but grabbing the ships with the mouse in order to move them out of the bullets was a very clever idea! Congrats on the results!

Thanks a lot Drakonheal glad that you liked it!

It's truly astounding what you folks accomplished in a jam! The level of polish is simply incredible. The meticulously designed levels, impeccable game feel, and the inclusion of quality-of-life features showcase all your attention to detail.

I must admit, I was skeptical about the idea initially, as I couldn't envision how strategy could be incorporated into this formula. However, you've made it work. Your game has transformed the tower defense concept into a captivating puzzle experience. Super creative material!

Congratulations on submitting such an innovative game! Hope to see it on the top 20!

I was able to achieve 506 points! The concept of an infinite runner where you control the scenario is a perfect fit for the theme. Additionally, the art style is exceptionally beautiful. Congratulations on creating such a cool submission!

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! That last puzzle is a bit harsh, we playtested it and felt it was going to work better if it had one small puzzle before it to introduce the idea to the player (but 48h Jams are harsh hehe). There's a video on our game page with an entire walkthrough, where you can check the solution.

For those who don't mind spoilers, here's a hint:

Pay close attention to the lights and numbers in certain cells. They might hold the key to solving the puzzle.

And here's the solution:

To solve this puzzle, focus on the inmates whose cells have numbers. Notice that each of these cells has a flickering light. Press the corresponding button when the light is on, and it will activate. Repeat this process for all three buttons, and the door will open.

The polish on this game is absolutely stunning! The artwork, sound design, and game feel are flawlessly implemented. It's refreshing to see such a unique twist on 8-ball pool. I'm genuinely impressed that there haven't been comments or ratings yet. Congratulations on your outstanding submission!

Loved it, although it was a bit too relatable! It's amazing how you incorporated all those voice-overs, making it so much fun to interact with. The game truly exudes soul and personality. Congratulations on the submission!

Absolutely loved the art style! I was on the edge of my seat, barely avoiding defeat, when I took a daring leap near a goon and unexpectedly ended up smashing it. 10/10 would smash it again.

So addictive! Managed to score 15 points playing on medium difficulty. It's really clever to incorporate various difficulty levels with subtle yet impactful modifications. Fantastic job on this!

Ohh, thank you so much Bobby! Glad that you liked it!

And about Rodolfo (the hotdog guy), he helped with a few things regarding Unreal Engine, such as setting it up to make sure it runs on 60fps, and a few technical stuff (using our post-processing configurations in the other 3 cameras that we were rendering). Nerd stuff, but super important for us!

Great entry! I'm really enjoying the game so far. The art style, concept, and idea are all super creative. The level design is also really smart. One thing I noticed is that when I'm trying to solve the puzzles, I often find myself pressing play to see the trajectory instead of relying on the arrows in the interface. It might be helpful to have the arrows displayed where the player is going to move to avoid this habit. Overall, it's a really well-executed game. Congrats on the submission!

Thanks a lot Crazy Moon, glad that you liked it!

I don't even know how to say that, but I need to share that our team had this exact same idea during our brainstorming, and the idea is so weird that I just can't believe someone did it 😂😂😂😂😂

Had tons of fun playing the game, full ratings for creating such a masterpiece! Congratulations!