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Excelente trabalho pessoal, tudo muito bem amarradinho! E ótima maneira de amarrar level design com narrativa!

Maybe one day we release the infamous minesweeper DLC, glad that you've enjoyed pigsuperhero!

Thanks a lot for the comment IslandWind!

We are super happy to hear that zerothememe, glad that you've enjoyed it!

Thanks, Ethan-Marcum!

Thanks a lot, Skyvenger_Studios, we are trying to develop a new full-fleshed version out of this since this one was done rushed in 48h. Let's see what the future will bring to us!

Hey BurgerFanMan, thanks a lot for the compliment! I also loved Two-Timin' towers, it was done in the same Game Jam as ours, but one year later. I think they captured a very similar essence but with a completely different twist, very creative and delicious to play! 
I also think our game has potential, we are planning to keep developing and adding more stuff! Thanks a lot for leaving the comment, we really appreciated it!

That's a very bold statement, I hope you're right, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, thanks a lot for the huge compliment!

Thanks, Lordputit0!

Ownn, thank you for spending your time with our little game, we are super glad that you've enjoyed Shulai!

Thank you for the comment Zephyrstranded, it means a lot to us <3

Nice suggestion! We are still considering what an extra tower could be, imagine that it could be a single non-upgradable bot that helps you a little bit, not a full-fleshed tower! The design options are endless, let's see what we come up with when the full game is ready!

Yes! We are starting to develop a bigger version, and multiple towers are for sure one mechanic that we have in mind! Thanks for the suggestion Jaidyn Edwards!

Thanks a lot, GGDR!

Hey KevinIsSad, don't be sad! We are currently making a bigger version of this game and I hope we can share some stuff with you all soon! Thanks for the interest and for leaving a comment!

Yea, totally! We are building a full version to organize this progress and design properly. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope we can make something that you love whenever the full version is ready :D

Indeed it needs, that's why we are starting the development of a full version. It's going to take a while, but I promise it will be way more cool than this small Jam demo :)
Thanks for the interest Goatllama4052YT

Thank you so much TheDudeofDC, sorry for taking so long to reply. We started developing a full version, but since all our team members are working full time on other companies, it will be a little bit slow. But eventually we are going to update all you guys on our twitter!


Matheus, our Sound Designer, destroyed with the music, right?

We are super glad that you've enjoyed Ajazzen!

Ownn, thank you so much Mi! It means a lot to us!

Thanks Sunset Sorcerer, we are super happy that you've enjoyed it!

Bruna (our artist) nailed it, right? :D

Thank you so much gabscheneider, glad that you've enjoyed it!

So nice to hear g33j, thanks for leaving the comment <3

Ownn, we are super happy that you enjoyed Plufito!

Opa, valeu demais Vini! Ficamos felizão que curtiste <3

Thanks a lot, windmill!

That's a giant compliment mcastegr! We also think the core has the potential to be expanded, hope we manage to expand this in the future, maybe someday!

Thanks a lot, Nathann Latimore, it feels very familiar to our lives during this pandemic. Glad that you could relate, and super happy that you've enjoyed it!

Yea! A quick mention that means the world to us <3

Hey Jonascvall7, thanks a lot for leaving a comment, we are super glad that you've enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the cool comment Darthbeeblebrox, it means a lot to us that you've enjoyed it! :D

Ohhh noo, you should not game while in class! That being said, glad that you've enjoyed it HAHA

Bruna (our artist) was responsible for the cat transition, it fitted super well to the mood HAHA. And our game designer, Salomon, nailed the jokes! Thanks a lot for the comment Lgro, it means a lot to us that you've enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for your kind words Idan Rooze, we certainly were inspired by a bit of Papers, Please, with a lit bit of micro-game games, such as Warioware. Super glad that you've enjoyed the experience! :D

Hey Filtrax, thanks a lot for the kind words! We also think the game has the potential to be expanded, adding more different tasks, interactions and stages would be an amazing first step. Maybe someday in the future!

Thanks Rise2way, glad that you've liked it!

Thank you so much John Peres! We tried our best to add a lot of polish stuff, glad that you've enjoyed those aspects <3