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Cloud surfing and combos. GMTKjam'17
Submitted by verysoftwares (@verysoftwares) — 15 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
It features resources that communicate thru risk vs reward situations.

Like, *juice* is fuel and health, *boosts* damage enemies and turn clouds to juice, *trick* combos are currency for boosts (with enemies having elemental weaknesses to the most common type of a combo).

Third-party resources
* for that sweet anime sword SFX
* Renoise, Grafx2, Sublime Text

literally just softmagician

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The controls are mostly what bothered me here. I guess using six buttons to navigate is innovative, but I couldn't find a comfortable way to use them. The best I achieved was putting my fingers on AWED, and using my thumb for Z, X and S. Which made going down and using boost quite difficult. Especially since those two actions requires some jumping and dexterity, that unintuitive controls don't really allow.

Which is sad, because otherwise the game is full of great content! The concept is neat, surfing and jumping is fun, as well is playing with clouds... The game is all about doing tricks, and it constantly gives really great action! The visuals and sound are also fantastic! Everything in this game feels really unique.

More conventionals controls might be all it lacks. Because despite not being able to play it properly, I still liked it!


First time I'm seeing hexagonal controls which is pretty innovative, but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary. Really hard to see the main character amongst the chaos, and the game needs to communicate better as it feels like I've no idea what I'm doing (e.g. what's a boost, what do those levels mean, and how do you control where the clouds go). Love the BGM with cool aesthetic and the monster designs though!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was pretty difficult to understand, but I think I figured it out after a while, though not entirely. There's probably a lot of depth that I'm not getting due to my lack of understanding of many of the game's systems, but I at least understand the basics. The visual aesthetic is pretty good looking, though the minimalism is part of why the game was difficult to understand. The audio design is also very relaxing. Movement is pretty fluid and I like emerging from the top of the could to perform tricks. That being said, I don't understand the point of this 6 button WEADZX control scheme. What ever happened to good old WASD? If the you want to have fine grain movement, then an analog stick or the mouse would have been better choices. The control scheme in the game is just unwieldy and I cannot get used to it. That aside, the game is really good looking and sounding, and the movement feels good. Solid work!


One hella-trip :D At first I didn't understood what the fuck is going on, but after several death dives game controls were clear and it was a fun experience!