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Got stuck on level 4 I think, corridor was too narrow to get trough. Apart from that it was quite fun, liked the idea that punching can literally solve all your problems, either killing the bad guys or getting to places you want to get :D

First of all, awesome art! Was hard to rewire my brain to remember that second space press means dash, not double-jump :D Fun, brain-rewiring game!

Damn son. At first it was hard to go fast, but after I thought of a rhyme it was a breeze! My rhyme (S - space, A - arrow key): SASASAAA

One hella-trip :D At first I didn't understood what the fuck is going on, but after several death dives game controls were clear and it was a fun experience!

Awesome game! Addictive. Spend about 10 minutes to keep those cute hamsters happy :D

Awesome pixel art! Not frequently I find a game that makes minimalism look good!

Requires joystick :/

Awesome execution, was not expecting fire spreading from one plant to another, that was a really pleasant surprise!