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For GMTK. A trip home goes out of control!
Submitted by Zeekerss (@ZeekerssRBLX) — 40 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You have to steer a car while shooting aliens, and that splits your focus; it's a challenge to steer straight, and enemies will gang up on you quickly.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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I really like the feel of this game, other than staying on the road lol. I can see how this transformed from one idea to the other. Definitely liked where you ended up, outside of the theme of the jam I definitely think making it easier to drive would be beneficial. Also I definitely got lost, a mini map or something would be nice. Other than that, really good job!


It could be a little difficult at the first time, but I loved the graphics!


I loved how atmospheric the game looks and you really should make a whole game around this.


I think that this is really neat!  And could be expanded into a full experience - the chaos of driving and shooting over your shoulder is great! Maybe the headlights on your car could also be a little stronger but for a weekend game jam is is great! :)


God, I want to like this so much, but the steering controls are so difficult to handle. It's like you're driving a Mini Cooper with 500 pounds of weight attached to it ten feet in the air. Literally just by holding straight, the car will flip on its side. The only way to go straight is to constant be pressing left and right whle holding straight. It's just way too unweildy. But I know how deceptively hard it is to make steering controls - for our game we were going to have turning as well, but quickly gave up and were just like "SCREW IT! They can just go straight the whole time."

But despite all, there were still moments I really enjoyed. When I first saw an alien coming from the rear view mirror and spun around to get it, that felt like a great moment. And the first time one of those skittery aliens showed up, it legit sent a bit of a chill down my spine. If the steering controls were better, this would have been a ton of fun.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the steering turned out to be the thing people like least, which is funny because the original concept was "what if there was a car game where you can't steer straight, like a drunk person!" and I only got the idea for the UFOs on the second day. That just goes to show how far a game can (and usually SHOULD) change from its original conception

I'll probably make it so you can steer straight. However, flipping the car is extremely difficult for me to do even when I try, so that's interesting that it's happening for you so often. Perhaps it's because you're driving off-road into places where you're not meant to be (which would be my mistake.)


Yeah, I think I flipped twice while at the part where you have to transition from the Road Closed to driving in the woods. Probably some combination of having to back up + turning + going off the road caused me to flip. Or maybe I'm just really bad at the game!


Cool graphics and premise. 

The pixel filter wasn't help at all combined with the crazy driving controls made me feel like I was driving drunk. If that what you were going for that's fine but the rest of the level doesn't lean into it it creating a weird end product.