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AROUND EVERY CORNER. Face against stealthy and deceptive antagonists that will take advantage of your expectations.

It Steals is an experiment in survival horror, which just released here today and on Steam as well! It's made up of five game modes, where each mode puts a different spin on the idea of stealthy antagonists. For example, this one is a kind of reversed Hide And Seek where you don't want to find the monster, but it's suspiciously bad at hiding:

I posted about It Steals here long ago when it was barely a proof of concept. I'm really excited to be showing it off now in its full form! If you want to see more from me, I post regular updates about my projects on twitter @ZeekerssRBLX. Thank you!!

Thanks so much for following development! 

Yeah, I will hide the instructions for each game mode until you've died at least once. I had intended the how-to-play section to be an option only for people who want hand-holding, but I realize now that most people will use it just because they think they have to.

Fun! However it was WAY too out of control (too fast to survive more than a second!) when I played it on the browser, and my guess is it's because my monitor runs at 120 fps. The downloaded version was much more playable and ran at a lower FPS.

I could imagine myself thinking of a game like this, but I could never come up with the idea that you're an old man with a computer-controlled pacemaker and will literally die from the computer virus. That's hilarious and makes the game so much more frantic.  Really well done.

I got the idea and immediately started laughing while typing as fast as I could. This better be a winner!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the steering turned out to be the thing people like least, which is funny because the original concept was "what if there was a car game where you can't steer straight, like a drunk person!" and I only got the idea for the UFOs on the second day. That just goes to show how far a game can (and usually SHOULD) change from its original conception

I'll probably make it so you can steer straight. However, flipping the car is extremely difficult for me to do even when I try, so that's interesting that it's happening for you so often. Perhaps it's because you're driving off-road into places where you're not meant to be (which would be my mistake.)

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Once I figured out what was going on, I came to like the idea and the visual style. Though, since I'm the same height as everything else, it's hard to see what's happening. If I'm correct, the enemies split into two when you shoot them? But you can't just leave them alone, or they grow ridiculously large. I'd say the easiest thing you could do to make it better is make the virus/enemies make a sound as they grow larger, so you know where to look. Fun! 

I do plan to come back to Drive Home and make it better, so comment here if you have any suggestions or just want to say something. Also if you have a video of the game I'd love to see it.

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I plan to come back to this game in the future and make some changes. Here are some things I was unable to fix within the 48 hours:

- Steering is probably too difficult. It was intentionally made that way, but yeah, too hard to steer straight.

- You can reload with full ammo, and the animation does not play though the text appears and forces you to wait. Also there's no indicator of how much ammo you have.

- Dying to the tripod aliens will cause the game to get stuck, forcing you to do a hard reset.

- A big UFO may be able to collide with a high wall, making it unable to abduct you.

- The final pack of aliens (a UFO and several tripods, where the hood of the car flies up at the same time that they appear) is unintentionally ridiculously hard to survive, though it is possible if you cut through the high grass to get around the corner sharper. It's also a little too easy to get lost in the woods.

- It is possible to get taken into the sky by a UFO and then destroy it and fall out of bounds.

- Generally the level design and enemy placement was rushed, I'm sure you can tell.

(stay tuned)

The new update is out, and it has performance changes as well as graphics settings, so the game should run faster now.

The next update has some changes to increase performance! It should be a lot better.

Oh yeah oops, I will make it so pressing Escape closes the game. thanks

Hey thanks for playing! There's one star to get right now but I definitely want to add more stuff in the future.

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It Steals is an experiment in paranoia, revolving around a stealthy AI that likes to hide around corners, waiting for you to look away, and then sneak up behind your back.

In most survival horror games, the antagonists make themselves obvious, choosing the quickest route towards the player. The purpose of "It Steals" is to show the effectiveness of a monster that doesn't act so predictably. Please tell me what you think of it! I will be updating it a little more to add more randomization and possibly to add more detail to the world, but right now I want to see if people are having fun with it as is.

It Steals is quite small, so I recommend just giving it a try without spoiling anything. But if you'd like to see what it looks like, here's a video of some friends playing it for the first time :