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Drive Home

For GMTK. A trip home goes out of control! · By Zeekerss

Issues! Sticky

A topic by Zeekerss created Jul 13, 2020 Views: 52 Replies: 1
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Developer (2 edits)

I plan to come back to this game in the future and make some changes. Here are some things I was unable to fix within the 48 hours:

- Steering is probably too difficult. It was intentionally made that way, but yeah, too hard to steer straight.

- You can reload with full ammo, and the animation does not play though the text appears and forces you to wait. Also there's no indicator of how much ammo you have.

- Dying to the tripod aliens will cause the game to get stuck, forcing you to do a hard reset.

- A big UFO may be able to collide with a high wall, making it unable to abduct you.

- The final pack of aliens (a UFO and several tripods, where the hood of the car flies up at the same time that they appear) is unintentionally ridiculously hard to survive, though it is possible if you cut through the high grass to get around the corner sharper. It's also a little too easy to get lost in the woods.

- It is possible to get taken into the sky by a UFO and then destroy it and fall out of bounds.

- Generally the level design and enemy placement was rushed, I'm sure you can tell.

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The tripod bois scared me since they really remind me of the thing in it steals classic mode I literally panicked incredibly hard hehh Also great stuff I really like the pixelated style