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What did you learn?

A topic by Pet Pumpkin created 99 days ago Views: 115 Replies: 2
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Congrats everyone on taking part on this game jam! I had a great time. It's been nice getting feedback and seeing others play my game and connecting with this community.

I'm interested in what y'all had as lessons from this jam. Be it technical or personal or social or whatever!

For me, as this was my first ever game jam and I'm relatively new to taking game dev seriously, the biggest lesson was that 'i can do it'. I'm really stoked with how I was able to put my game together in a weekend and I'm really happy with the results.

Another big lesson I had from my game is to take it easy on the dialogue. My intro dialogue was too long and it really showed when I watched others playing my game and in the comment feedback. That's a good lesson I think.

I'm looking forward to partake in more jams and learn more :D.

How about you?


We entered a GameJam in June and left creating all the level until the last two hours, which resulted in some really uneven level design. This time round, we made sure to give ourselves more time, spent many more hours on making the levels.

...unfortuantely, we underestimated still, and ended up with half as many levels as we wanted, and the progression/balance ended up being pretty off. It's difficult to make levels before all the mechanics and systems are implemented, but it's really something that shouldn't be left until last. How do we not leave it until last? I'm not 100% sure yet, but it's a lesson I'm part way through learning I think.

Also this is the first GameJam I did after I found out what ScriptableObjects are in Unity and they are AMAZING, I want to use them for everything. Goodbye singletons and static classes, I don't need you (as much) any more!

- Joe


I learned that I need to lower my scope for next year, maybe do a project that can use procedural generation, so I don't have to build big levels for players to stay entertained.