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This is my first game jam, and pretty obsiously, i overscoped the project, RIP

A topic by Regah P. created Aug 04, 2019 Views: 267 Replies: 7
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I think the idea is pretty cool, the art assets ended up really nice, but it just was a little too big to make in 48 hours. I'll try to finish it now and send it by email, but i don't make it, i'll still finish it and upload it later to! Wish me luck lmao. Btw i'm 14.

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epic bruh moment


Overscope is a common problem in hackathons/jams and in the software industry as well.

It is good that you are young and already able recognize and learn from that! Next jam will be cooler :)

Keep it up!

Totally! My projects in unity usually become playable after a few weeks of slow development and playing around in Unity, so i think someone else would've expected this to happen lmao. Though, the concept of the game for this Jam, although overscoped, i'm still developing it and i'll upload it to when i finish, since now i don't have to rush all the content.


Yeah scope is kind of a hard thing to figure out. I've started making a ton of games that I had an entire semester to finish and even then I didn't get anywhere near finishing a lot of them. I think for stuff like this, it's best to focus on your main mechanic first and flesh that out as much as possible, then work out from there. Story, art (especially music), extra mechanics or difficulty, those are all things that aren't totally necessary to a game, but rather enhance the experience. I think this is the first time I've gotten that process correct tbh


true words from a wise man


That's why these game jams I always go with a quick, but interesting and fun game and if I get good reviews I will update my game by adding level, enemies, or upgrades. 


This is my first game jam as well. I didn't think that I was going to be able to get the game done but I pulled through and I think it turned out well. My game is called Broken Robot, which is a puzzle platformer where you can only press each direction once per level. I would appreciate if you would check out my first game jam game