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Thank you :)

your game was really cool to play!

This was very pleasing to play! Very simple and yet challenging!

hehe xD

Iill check it out!

it is definitely more challenging like this!

wow! This game get pretty complex, the game design here is very well thought!

if you have time, check out my game :

don't fork it up! haha I liked your take on the jam theme.

Check mine out if you have some time:

I love the one light concept!
My game also revolved around light.
Check it out

The best "one platform" I played in this jam.
Very neat gameplay - the triple jump definitely helped balance not knowing where the next platform will be.

Here is my game :
Fading Light : Rougelike game where your life is your only weapon.

Fading Light

Rougelike with only one life that you must sacrifice

Next year, you should join me in the jam!

Thanks! <3

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I was planning on adding some particle trail to let the player know which way the life is... 
hence making it more mystical too :)

here is the link to the song - I really liked it as well:

I helped the fierce Juan, the Jelly Knight, to defeat his foes!
I left you a comment/rating on the game

Indeed! A bit more design work can make the game more intuitive!
Thanks for playing!

I am glad you got the objective after a few tries :)

hahaha the word play here with the GMTK theme is my favorite thing ... "One Pair"
Definitely some more platform variety and some signal/transition in between each platforms would be good.

I had trouble extracting the zip file as well.
Same unexpected error thrown by windows.

After I downloaded it again and extracted it by right clicking the file and choosing extract, that did the zip extracting without a problem

Thanks! I spent quite a bit of time fine tuning the controls :)

Indeed - the objective is not very clear. I was torn in between telling the objective and letting the players figure it out.

A bit more design should be able to let me show the objective without having to explicitly tell what the objective is.

I really liked the art/music in your game! - also cool name "BuendiaGames"

I loved the graphics and the music!
I didn't know how the marlin looked like, but the change in music and the extra glow on it made it easy to identify.

Thanks! I had not seen it as an extra life, but it totally works viewing it as an extra life!

The way I had seen it was that, the purple square is your life. You must sacrifice it to  defeat the enemies. When that happens you respawn back at the start, without your life - and if you are caught without it - you die for good.

Clever idea! I was a fan of the controls for defending/attacking!

At the start I didn't quite understand how to move onto the next level, but after restarting the game a few times I realized that the stairs were showing up and that meant a new level for Juan, the Jelly Knight!

Overscope is a common problem in hackathons/jams and in the software industry as well.

It is good that you are young and already able recognize and learn from that! Next jam will be cooler :)

Keep it up!

Hahaha clever word play.

(1 edit)

My "only one" started with only one weapon on a maze...

... then I saw that the weapon could be the player's life as well!

You start in a ghost state, nothing can attack you and you can't attack anyone. When you find/get your life, then you have to sacrifice it to turn surrounding enemies into ghosts. Whenyyou do, you go back to the start, the life stays where you were and you have to find it again, but now there are ghosts that can kill kill you.