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Two fights. One strike each. Ready your blade!
Submitted by TheWanderingShadow — 12 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Huh! this was quite interesting! I actually have a little project saved around that reminded me a lot of this, even darkening the circle character when dashing, hahahah!

This has got potential all over it!! I love one on one fights like these in games,  like in dark souls. Figuring out an enemy's pattern and checking for openings on them is quite satisfying in all games, as is landing a good dodgeroll followed by a stab.

I'd just continue this, really. Just needs a few, simple but key adjustments, at least in my opinion:

Dodging works perfectly, but it does lack oomph. I'd probably make the first part of the dash way faster, and make the last part slow down quite a lot. When a player presses the button to dash they are usually already imagining themselves at that location, and time accordingly. Also the slowdown helps you get a grip on your new location better.

Also it's not clear exactly when you can dash again, wich is important if you are planning on making bosses that you need to dash more than once!

Blocking is useless, as it only pushes you back. It's better to reset most of the times. I really got no ideas to give you for something to do with it D: probably better to rework it or remove it altogether.

The animations are really, really good, though i'd suggest giving a little bit more anticipation for some strikes, they do feel kinda cheap sometimes, specially towards the end of the animations. Also be careful with the hitboxes on the swords, sometimes the tip of the weapon hits you though the animation is so fast and you dissapear so quickly you can't really tell.

This was definitely one of the more interesting games of the jam! Good luck!


I would like to watch somebody who clear this game...
I just can't beat it...T_T


Here is the solution:

Thank you for giving it a try!


Thank you!
I am going to consider I already beat them by myself : )


Simple graphics does not have to mean simple fun ! As this one shows. 


Feel free to check out mine as well:


I like the animations, but this is straight up impossible! You get knocked back too far when you block, and the enemy never stops attacking. One time I actually got close enough to attack the enemy and it frickin blocked my attack effortlessly and I died! What's the technique?


The only time the enemies are vulnerable is during their biggest attack. For the katana it is the stab, and the broadsword it's the swing that goes all the way around. The only way to get in is to be as close as possible then roll towards them a bit before they begin that attack. Thank you for giving it a try and commenting!


Couldn't finish either level after a dozen attempts. The concept itself is good, but I have no clue how to beat an opponent who both has more reach and can swing its blade like a helicopter. A gentler learning curve would probably help players like me who aren't good with twitch gameplay.


Hey, thanks so much for playing! Your criticism's totally fair -- in its initial state, my couple of playtesters thought it was too easy, but I definitely think I overcompensated and made the window too small.  I'm just happy that you gave  it a try and commented. Thanks again!