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LURK - Progress

A topic by Anil Demir created Oct 02, 2016 Views: 729 Replies: 30
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LURK is a rogue-like starts in a town that is cursed with an illness that killed most of the townsfolk. Survivors are too weak to fight the source of this curse that is hidden deep underground by an evil power. You are an adventurer passing by the town and the only person to be able to stop this curse.

We have started working on LURK yesterday evening and all we have right now are mockup screens. They show almost everything we would like to put into the game. However we will start with the most core gameplay mechanics and build on top of it so no promises :P

Logo and long image to use after intro.

This looks amazing!


I agree looking forward to seeing this!

Wow going to be so many great entries :)

Ours is nothing comparing to some other games I see around here :)

Broken screen! Hillarious!

It will appear when you die :) Thanks!

Looking good. Looking really forward to playing this actually.

I'd be tempted to port this to the real thing after the jam.

I have no idea how to do it but I'd love to

Now I'm alone on this project and afraid that I won't manage to complete it. I will still try my best, there is time, wish me luck!

Luck! I'm alone on my own project and I can sympathize.

Looks Awesome! GL & HF (^-^)

Thanks, good luck to you too :)

I want to play this one. Please release it for mobile any time soon!

Haha thank you! I hope we can finish the jam version first then we'll think about mobile :)

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The person I was working with changed today so it was more re-briefing than actual work. Tomorrow should be better. We just set up our trello board and slack, created phaser project and did some testing.

We have been hit by some rocks on the way but managed to reach the plains finally.
Map is being rendered with tilemap, key inputs are all in place, loading screen works and health system is 100% complete.
Tomorrow we are hoping to finish floor generation, movement and inventory systems. Wish us luck :)

Today was another slow progress day but we have managed to almost finish the inventory system and room generation. I have also animated first character portrait. We are behind but that guy in the corner gives me hope :)

We have dungeon generation, character movement, collisions, health-damage all working. Inventory is almost done.

Now we have our own pixel font in :) It will need just a bit more work.

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Now we also have items and enemies in dungeons. Some combat and picking objects up implemented!

Pathfinding is working! (well, most of the time :P). Leave me alone, nasty rat!

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Rat Hell mode ON. Implemented enemies attacking. Look at those 4 rats beating me...

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Here are some random rooms! We'd like to tweak the room generation algorithm a bit if we have time! There is still a lot of stuff to be done, but we're doing what we can :)

More progress! Now we have a village and you can go down to dungeon an back to village :)

We also started adding music and sounds. Time is running out, but we keep working hard to meet the deadline!

I really like the graphics! Nice job! Definately having a go once we're done with the Jam.

Thank you very much :) We would definitely love to hear what you think after playing.

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It's that beautiful feeling when you have the difficult part behind. We have a few more things before adding content (item and enemy types) to make this more challenging to play.

+100000 :)

We're almost there! Village now looks alive :)