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Thanks for the kind words and criticisms guys,

I'm new to making games,

My business is making game art,

But i am refining this (Have added the difficulty, Another Enemy and it is going through a reskin)

Will keep you all posted

Thanks for the Comments Guys,

Unfortunately i did run out of time,

And to get it playable at the last second,

I had to ditch the waves and difficulty and menu etc,

All in all was a fun jam,

And i will build onto this (Probably retheme though) :)

Give me an email bud at wildroostergfx@gmail.com,
And will send you through some portfolios,

Look forward to hearing from ya

As per title,

I work in vector and would love a team mate :)

Im a vector artist,

And i am looking for a programmer (Team mate),

If you are interested flick me an email at wildroostergfx@gmail.com,

And we can start :)

Posted in WIP Tug O War
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Just made the Piggy Character (3 More characters to add if i get the time :D)
Now to add the rope and Ground tile sprites,
Then fix the gravity issue im having above the pit >:(

Posted in LURK - Progress

I agree looking forward to seeing this!

Wow going to be so many great entries :)

Looks great!
Good Luck

Posted in WIP Tug O War

Bump Again...

Got all the paper,scissors,rock stuff to work :)
Now just need to work on the tug O war mechanics and add "Hitpoints",
Which Means how many wrong guesses you can get,
Before you get tugged into the hole :D

 photo Promo02_zps8sl2pej0.png

Oh and to make some characters :)

Finally found out how to do it :D
I use photobucket and none of em seemed to work

Posted in WIP Tug O War
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BUMP Have made the background, And the RPS Icons,
Also have been working on the game,
The player and AI can make selections,Without results at the moment.

The Random Colours are Character Sizes

Next to do:
Design the 4 Characters
Get the results and "Hitpoints" Set up
Make a Basic Menu

Created a new topic WIP Tug O War

I am doing a Tug o War game,
With Rock, Paper Scissors as the main mechanic.
Im newish to Game Dev and am mainly writing this WIP topic,
So i finish my project!
Will update soon :)

I'm going for a stealth platformer,

Based on some Mental patient that doesn't want to go outside :D

We will see how that goes though :p

Created a new topic Where to Vote?

How do we vote?

Sorry if i missed this,

I see some of the other programmers are commenting on projects,

But are the offical places to vote?