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2018 WRGFX Portfolio (LFW)

A topic by WildRoosterGFX created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 283 Replies: 6
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Hi there,

I have been doing Vector Graphics coming up 4 Years (In Business),

And am looking to expand on to some new clients :)

You can check out my website at

Or email me at,

For more information and quotes etc

Here is some of this years artwork :)


Some more Artwork :)

Hey, would you be insterested in doing the enemy designs and art work for my crew's first little project. Like i said its our first so its easy and should be quick, Got alot of stuff in just dont have an artist.    If interested  Then Contact me .    

Project :   Cell Divided

A 2d Top Down Wave Survival  about a small micro organism attempting to survive in a chaotic microscopic world.

For Designs i mainly just want circles with smiley faces.  Contact me if you wish to talk some more.  Ah Just to be clear, its unpaid, for information if that is a concern to you like i said hit me up.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in my Artwork,
I can work for a Small Fee on this project if you would like,
However i can't offer my services for Free,
As this is my job,

Thanks again,

Daniel Farmer

Some more Recent Artwork

Monkey Man Thing

Xbox Avatar for my Profile

Potions from my Inkscape Tutorials on my Site

Some more Artwork

Some more Artwork

Wolf Pup from Dawn's Drago Art Tutorial :)

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania


Xbox Avatar for a Client

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