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Very nice entry! I had to play alone, but the idea is interesting and fun. Also, lovely art and music :)

Great entry! I really liked the idea. Reminded me of Mighty Flip Champs in some way. I missed some music, but I know it's a jam ;)

Found it very fun! Great work :)

A great entry as I expected from the winner of GBJAM 4! I loved this so much that I ended up exploring all that I could and catching everything in the sea (a bit creepy to see the sea empty of life, though). I really liked the relaxed kind of gameplay, without harmful things, no enemies, no damage, no deaths... just enjoy, explore and relax with that lovely melody :)


I can't play on macOS Sierra. Inside the zip there's only a binary file (not .app file) and trying to execute it will open the terminal and say "can't execute binary file"

Fun and nice :P

Hey Sean, thank you! The day indicator in the UI decreases each time you go back to the village, and if it reaches 0 you die because of the curse. We wanted the villagers to give you quests and rewards, but we didn't have time. So the only thing you can do at the village is to talk to villagers and recover HP by walking. We also wanted to add a boss (the evil thing that is cursing villagers and travellers like you) after descending certain number of floors, and win the game if you defeat it, but didn't make it in time either. And of course, more items, weapons (ranged, wide, bombs...) and enemies with different behaviours and attack types. We may update it in the future if people like the game :)

Thank you all for all your words and for playing, even if you didn't leave a comment! :)

The best game from this jam that I played so far! Graphics, controls and feel , music, level design... And it's incredibly long and polished for a jam game! Still trying to complete it.

About the Gameboy Feel, aside from some punctual graphical effects, moving the player feels THAT good that doesn't feel much like a real GB game. But hey, I'm not going to lower the GB feel rating because of something is better than I expected. That wouldn't make any sense! :P

Just to tell something that could've been better, maybe adding some backgrounds, improve loading times between rooms (after a long time playing it seems to take more time to load) and adding a map or something to visualize where the player is in that huge maze. Also, I found myself in some situations where I wanted to avoid a checkpoint but there wasn't anything I could do to about it.

Great work! :)

Loved the graphics and the idea is nice, but I believe the jump should be easier and faster. At the first jump with spikes on the floor, there are some background tiles that seemed "walkable" because colors contrasted from the BG. The instant camera change to higher platforms got me a bit confused. Audio is mostly lacking too. But for a prototype, it looks very good overall!

Flying by shooting and the graphical style reminded me to the lovely Cave Story <3

Moving and trying to aim at enemies at the same time is a bit frustrating to me. I feel like my brain wants an inverted controls scheme so that I control the player's movement instead of shooting direction.

Great entry! I love how polished the game looks even though is for a jam and 3D. It also fits the theme nicely. Congrats!

Reminds me of Animal Crossing's fishing in some way :P

May I ask where/how do you learned to use Godot Engine in such a nice way or could you give some advices? I took a look at the sources and I felt a bit overwhelmed :S

We're almost there! Village now looks alive :)

+100000 :)

Love your project! I'm totally paying this when the jam finishes :)

More progress! Now we have a village and you can go down to dungeon an back to village :)

We also started adding music and sounds. Time is running out, but we keep working hard to meet the deadline!

(2 edits)

Here are some random rooms! We'd like to tweak the room generation algorithm a bit if we have time! There is still a lot of stuff to be done, but we're doing what we can :)

(1 edit)

Rat Hell mode ON. Implemented enemies attacking. Look at those 4 rats beating me...

Pathfinding is working! (well, most of the time :P). Leave me alone, nasty rat!

(5 edits)

Now we also have items and enemies in dungeons. Some combat and picking objects up implemented!

I'm a programmer looking for an artist! I am available all the week. Also, I'm from Spain and that means GMT+1 timeline. I don't have much experience in game jams (this would be my second jam), but I will have almost all the day to work on it. Tell me something here or on Twitter (@ipruch)!


Very nice and charming game! I love it :)

It is! I just completed it on my Mac!

Thank you, dibuzapping. I posted it on reddit too. I'll enter alone if I don't find anyone, but I thought it'd be even more fun and rewarding to team up with someone without even knowing each other.

I'd like to team up with someone to participate in this jam! Although my availability this week will be very limited, but I suppose I can find some time!

I'm programmer and although I know Godot since v1.0, I haven't worked in a project with Godot/GDScript yet. So please, bear with me :P Any artist or game designer looking for programmers over here?



Mu tontos <2