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Anyone to team up with me?

A topic by Andrés created Mar 23, 2016 Views: 209 Replies: 2
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I'd like to team up with someone to participate in this jam! Although my availability this week will be very limited, but I suppose I can find some time!

I'm programmer and although I know Godot since v1.0, I haven't worked in a project with Godot/GDScript yet. So please, bear with me :P Any artist or game designer looking for programmers over here?




Welcome, Andrés. :)

I really don't know if this forum is too much followed. So, don't forget to share your request to other communities (Godot Q&A, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc).

But if you don't find a group, try to enter alone with some tiny game. The important is participate and make something is the better way to fall in love again with Godot. :)

Thank you, dibuzapping. I posted it on reddit too. I'll enter alone if I don't find anyone, but I thought it'd be even more fun and rewarding to team up with someone without even knowing each other.