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Godot Engine Game Jam – March 2016

Theme: MOUSE

The theme is intentionally kept broad and you are free to use any gameplay or story element that would relate to the word or concept "mouse".

Theme illustrations (examples of what you can do)

* Game mainly controlled with the mouse device, or game where the mouse device is important for the gameplay.
* Game starring a mouse or mice; cats, cheese and rock & roll, French cuisine, mousetraps, etc.

If you don't know what to do or are just looking for a group of mates to enter the jam, feel free to get in touch with other members of the community.

This jam is just meant to have some fun making games with Godot, to improve your knowledge of the engine and maybe also teach others. Keep in mind to give constructive feedback to the various submissions, and don't hesitate to advices to other participants. And remember: you don't need to make a perfect, awesome and huge game... just a game that will be playable in time!


1) Make a video game, of course using Godot Engine, related with the theme from 15 March to 31 March.
2) The jam is fully free, so you can do it alone or with mates and you can use previous code or start from scratch.
3) Please use only original or freely licensed resources (graphics, music, sound effects...)
4) Once your game is ready, upload it to and submit it in this Godot Jam.
5) Don't forget to post the source code of the game: this is the minimum required. You can use any code hosting solution like GitHub or BitBucket, or if you prefer upload an archive of the source code to a file sharing platform. If you want you can post additional targets: desktop and mobile binaries, HTML5 template, etc.; but don't forget the source code!
6) Feel free to post questions, ideas, document the evolution of your work (screenshots or videos, devlogs) or post-mortem about your game.
7) From 1 to 15 April we will discuss the various submissions and vote for them.

Good luck and happy coding with Godot!


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Relaxing fishing as a mouse
Nothing to be done. Just skipping a ball ...
Free the mouse with your mouse.
A Jump & Run Games
An experience on human emotions
Play as a cat on a quest to free houses from those malefic creatures! Created during Godot Game Jam March/2016
Godot game about chasing a mouse
Breakout game with mice made for Godot Engine Jam 03/16
Protect the Cheese from the Cat Gang with your powerful Kung-Fu
A short mouse driven 2D platformer.
A zombie shooter inspired by Duck Hunt