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Playing each other games and honest reviews

A topic by DougWebGames created Jul 27, 2019 Views: 180 Replies: 8
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Hey, just wanted to say that I'm really liking the games so far... only played half a dozen to this moment, but I'm willing to try to play 10 per day until the end and hopefully play them all... a few of them have Mac or Linux build so unfortunately I can't play :/
But anyway, I've participated in Game Jams before (3 times to be more precise) and something that bothered me every time is that people (other developers participating in the jam, in general) did 2 kinds of reviews/ratings: the pity rating, where they simply gave maximum note to "help", and the rival rating, in which they gave minimum points just to get a better result for themselves. So my proposition is: let's not do this, please?

Remember that analyzing and rating a game is a great exercise of game design! And honest feedback, pointing out things that you think can be improved is what really helps other devs, not a high rating that the dev himself knows that is not true. And also, other thing that I experienced in those jams was devs taking feedback like it was an attack to his person, let's not do that either. Of course, a toxic comment deserve to be ignored and dismissed, but if someone points out something that might be wrong with your game, use it in your favor, improve your game, make it better. Feedback can be the most important thing you might get from a game jam, or even publishing your game.

One last thing, I know we all have lifes and jobs that keep us from enjoying much time playing, but try to make an effort to play other's games, remember that you're here seeking the same support from other developers, and it's a very important support that we all deserve.

Anyway, congratulations to all of you that were able to deliver your game, even if problems or bugs or lacking features, you should be very proud of yourself because one week it a very short time span :)


I totally agree!!! I've been enjoying playing games that everyone has been working on! And yes y'all lets keep it fair with the honest reviews. I'm going to try to play some games and offer some feedback. :D


My goal is to play and comment on them all!  I love it when I get comments, therefore I should comment for everyone else too!


I totally agree, being honest while seeing the other dev's games is the best way for all of us to improve our comprehension and our skills.


exactly! we're in a stage of our paths as game developers that this kind of learning is so valuable, I feel great to have joined a game jam with other devs that understand this :) thank you


That's the spirit NeatGames! Thank you. And Brad, thank you too for joining this movement, your feedback on Stardome was absolutely gorgeous :)


I wholeheartely support your idea.  I have so far rated 26 games to the best of my ability. Unfortunatly  its sometimes very hard to complete a game, but I just hope that the impressing I got refelcts the other 30% of the game.

The idea to manipulate rating hadnt crossed my mind. Lets hope you are not right and other devs also judge fairly


I 100% agree with this. Remember at the end of the day, we're all here for the fun of gamedev :)


I'm amazed by how this community is different from others, really glad to have joined this jam, and to see other devs share the same spirit than me, thank you :)