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I enjoyed playing this a lot, despite some small mishaps.  The Arts: The simplistic art ist lovely, the overall style is very consitend and charming. The UX  & UI is clear and effective at giving feadback. What I would have liked is the music to not restart on level / menu change and for it to have more variety and the posibility to mute it entirely as in the long run it can be repetetive. The Technical Stuff: The execution of this game is near flawless. The main mechanic works consitently well and detemenistly, despite unitys "special" physics. The flight predictions was always accurate and I didnt experiance any major bugs. Unfortunately the resolutions was locked (web build), so when playing in full screen mode, I could practically taste the pixels. The Camera would follow the ball in a nice path - usually, when it didnt spontaniously decide it wanted to trigger epilepsy. The Game Design: The core loop is not much different from any other golf game, what stood out to me was that the player did not need to specially controll the power of the ball though timing or similar methods - it went exactly where perdicted. This removed both some randomness and some skill from this genre - it solwed the game down, made it more tactial. The collectibles were a nice touch. They gave insentive to explore differing routs and added extra challange, but in practice there was no real reason to collect them. In the end I ignored them entirely and focused on scoreing ht hole in one. Which brings me to a point, which im not sure I should critisice or praise: It was near impossible to change the angle of the shots for long range accuratly using button presses, at the slightest touch you would be aiming meters away from target. Wether that was an oversight or a deliberate decision to give incentive to shorter shots in unclear to me. The collectibles (ball and bat) were a nice touch, but in practice werent much of change, as the long range bat has no minimal distance or accuracy nerf, making the other bat useless. The Presentation: This is where the game shines, every single aspect of it looks polished, from the UI, to the level design to the itch page - everything screams "well done". This "feels" better than most of the games on the playstore :). General Verdict: The game is fun, good looking, well presented, but it does have a few small issues. I look forward to a future extended version with more levels, some quality of live adjustmens  and a bit more depth for the upgrades. Overall, I recommend this game!

Great to hear. I'll make sure to play it :) 

Thats the best screensaver out there.

On a more serious note. I really enjoy the atmosspehere you managed to create - great music, great art, great unity of effect, BUT your game seems to severely lack game. As is there isnt really any point in actively playing it. Id love to see this games potential forfilled. This could become great if there were some purpose  

A little short, a little monotonous gameplay, a little simple graphics, but damn: thats some nice worldbuilding, atmosspehere and humour. I was sad when it ended!

I wholeheartely support your idea.  I have so far rated 26 games to the best of my ability. Unfortunatly  its sometimes very hard to complete a game, but I just hope that the impressing I got refelcts the other 30% of the game.

The idea to manipulate rating hadnt crossed my mind. Lets hope you are not right and other devs also judge fairly

I just picked up the game and it worked perfectly fine.

Regardless, it is still a little difficult :)

Unfortunatley your game crashed on launchon my mashine. A shame, the screenshots look promising

I was having a great time with this beautiful game until level 6.
Timing the fall and aiming for the projectile is difficult to do at once. When i finally archieved it, the wall-thingy stopped firing and since I had missed the last teleport, I had no choice, but to quit the game, as level 6 was now impossible.

your game wouldnt launch for me (win 7). a shame. i will refrain from rating it for now. hope you can fix that somehow

looking good! if you still have time to make a small fix, i recomend turning off the unity overlay off, in project settings > player settings > webgl > resolution & presentation > webGL Template (set to minimal).  That way players dont have to start the fullscreeen twice

The rules for this game jam are short and simple, but leave some questions.

Manly: How much premade content can you use?

The rules state that you can use premade publicly availabe stuff. This suggests a rather relaxed approach, but what about selfmade assets or even code snippets? Do coding tutorials count as premade code? Other jams allow the use of basic existing code such as controller support.  Is this the case here?

TL;DR Can we use our own existing code snippets or assets?

PS: I am not looking to exploit the rules, just to understand them.