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Rockets and Planets
Submitted by Tadas — 5 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Theme Use#203.5283.700

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How was your jamming experience? Were you able to produce more or less than you expected?
This jam is like a miracle to show this game! Ofcourse I hadn't enough time to make it as I imagine, but at least it's something already. :))

How did you apply the theme to your entry?
Actually the theme itself found me. ^^

Anything else to add? (share your twitter, twitch, youtube etc.)
I would like to add that art of this game is purely made not by me, but by a lithuanian artist Gabriele Venckute, her instagram for more art if you wish: @14bygabriele

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I like the art in your game reminds me of little big planet.  


Thank you! Art done actually not by me, I just put everything together :))


Very nice work, I really love the artstyle of the game. I enjoyed moving around but would love to have a reason for why we are collecting the stars :) Great job! :)


Thank you very much!! :)) Thank you for playing really, I was really excited when I saw this jam, it's great to participate and delve slightly in to the community. :))


Wow I really like the water color design!!  Did your artist create this style in Photoshop?  Totally awesome and relaxing.  Great job! If you have time check out 'Europa', i tried to give it a lonely feel~


Hello NeatGames and very thank you for opinon! The artist did everything by hand using watercolour and then transferred to computer by scanning, she is a professional specialist in art field and one day I saw her these planets and rockets and I just asked her "look I have this idea to make a video gameusing your art, let's make them "alive"" and I was lucky anough and she accepted :)) So now I will just keep up with building system in to the game to make it actually a game ^^


I loved the visuals, honestly, it really cool that you could make a game with them. In combination with the sound, they give a really realxing vibe to the game. Awesome! But as another user said, there really no point on playing.

I really think you could make something really big and great out of this, because I think you already have the atmosphere you wanted. Keep up this awesome work dude!

PD: A little personal advice. I feel the font you used on the title doesn't fit with the rest of the visuals. It kinda feels aggresive. Maybe a handwritten font or something like that would feel better for me :)


inovox really thanks for constructive opinion :)) So nice to read some honest thoughts. On the game for sure i think also it's worth working further and on logo also :)))


Thats the best screensaver out there.

On a more serious note. I really enjoy the atmosspehere you managed to create - great music, great art, great unity of effect, BUT your game seems to severely lack game. As is there isnt really any point in actively playing it. Id love to see this games potential forfilled. This could become great if there were some purpose  


Thank you Zockchster for your reply! So great to come from work and see feedback (phew) :)) Actually yes you'r right, after a couple of days of thinking what to do with game system I just stick to expressing the atmosphere of the game, I really really wish to make it playable actually.


The atmosphere of this game is so relaxing! The art direction is lovely, and so is the music. Are the stars changing something when you collect them? Good job!


Thank you Jules!! So far nothing :) I'm thinking to collect stars for bringing them back to player's home planet witch also not done yet ^^ I was really paying attention how to make atmosphere cozy and relaxing so far. Thank you very much!