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Thank you!

I'm going to check it, thanks!

I don't know what happened there, thanks anyway to have tried!

Thank you for playing! I will double check the instruction!

Looks like you've got some troubles with your UI and some others bugs, but anyway the fights are quite fun to do. A special mention to the enemy smash which sounded like they were slapping my face, this is fantastic XD.

Great game! The art is very good, and all the audio feedbacks tells us exactly what is happening. I like how bored the guys in the intro seems XD. I'm joining Tr33 Gam3 Studios, it could be better if making a sword fire actually had an other interest than a water axe, but still, one of my favourite games so far!

Thank you very much!

Ok, I'm going to try it

The game is nice! the graphic work behind it is very cool, and the music is pretty good too! just be carefull in term of design, for the IA is maybe too hard to kill at the beginning, and too easy at the end. Gg anyway!

Gg for the submission! A shame that it's not finished, but after all, 1 week isn't much and doesn't give you time to experience much. I'm unable to craft things, is this normal?

That's a good game! The sound is a little too agressive, and it's pretty hard to not die ( even when I just spawned, enemies were already here ), but I really like the graphisms and the "planet" style you gave to your game! Gg!

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Very good submission! The powers gained by craft are all usefull in specific situations, and the IA is pretty good to! I also like the art of the characters, it's a shame that the art of the level is not the same. Also, I think the game could have gained in dynamic if the player was a littel faster. Just to report it, I had a bug where i was in the air, but the game seemed to think that I was on a platform. Otherwise, GG!

I don't see the theme anywhere in this game, sadly. There is also some problems, like the zombies who follow you even if they don't see you, so when you land from a jump you can't even shoot, or like the platforms mixed with the light that makes they invisible. Anyway, it's fun but has at lot of problems. Gg for the submission!

I don't understand how it's supposed to fit the theme. I've also no idea of what I must do after killing the slimes. On the other side... those graphics... it's wonderfull to be able to make art like this in game jam! The gameplay is also very dynamic ( maybe a little too much ). Gg!

So far, this is one of my favourite games from the jam. It's very simple, but very effective! I love everything: the graphics, the playability, the different powers that can be crafted with different staffs and "munitions", ... even the audio is very good. I've also read that this is your first game jam, and it makes it even more impressive! A big GG to you two!

The game seemed pretty cool, but I could'nt enter to the market, and I'm not sure if I kill the slime or if they just teleport them at their base position. However the graphics are very good, and the sound effects are welcom. Gg!

I did not really understood the difference between the throwables objects. Maybe it's link with the plane color? I don't know. But the game is still fun, and I would make a special mention for the music, for it's very good in my opinion. Gg!

Cool idea to let the player draw his spells. The game in itself is also pretty cool, maybe the enemies are a little too hard to kill. To be fair, I wasn't expecting the "banana" XD

I had trouble to understand how to regain mana or how to kill an enemy. But it's pretty fun and very pleasant to look! GG!

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Hi there! Gg to all for the soumission! It's sleeping time in france so I haven't tested anything yet, but I'm looking forward to do it!

I also wanted to point the fact that I'm really impressed by the visuals, I rarely have seen a game jam with so much beautifull looking games, and I'm really impressed. Again, GG to all!

I agree, thanks for showing us all your games! That was really cool, and there is many nice entries!

I have never seen this error before, i'll make sure to submit a new version as soon as possible, thanks!

Thanks! And you're right, I'm new on twitter, i went on it a few days ago

Great idea!

Thank you very much for my game!

Thinking about what you could improve, I think that some additionnal weapons would be a good idea. "Elite starships" could be a great add to your game, also.

I think i know this bug, when you reload a scene, it sets the time scale to 0. I think all you got to do is set the time scale to 1 at the beginning of the level

Oooh, a mix between rpg and platformer... I like it!

Wow! I'm particulary impressed by the customization, and the scoreboard, well done! Maybe the IA is too dangerous, I only managed to kill one, even when I retried. Also when you retry, you can't move anymore. Except these two things, it's pretty impressive for a game jam! 

This is cool, but I think it's necessary to indicate the controls, particulary the Z, to interact. I also would liked to have checkpoint, but since you were in lack of time, it's not important. The graphics are cool, and the music is coherent with it. Good job!

This is cool! The fact that we can build our own ship is awesome! It looks like a mix between and robocraft, it's impressive that you managed to make this in one week!

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Thank you very much! I intend to work again on it, so maybe it will be even better. Did you played it while streaming? 

The repairing part is pretty cool, you have to watch out for the parts to not go out of the borders, it has some challenge. The second part is a little too much generic, and it's very difficult to loose. I think you should also explain to the player what he has to do, cause when you play for the first time, you don't have any ideas about what you are doing. Otherwise it's cool and fun!

Thank you very much!

Well done! And thanks for the feedbacks, it's always nice to hear them!

I totally agree, being honest while seeing the other dev's games is the best way for all of us to improve our comprehension and our skills.

Thank you very much! I was alone in this project, and i'm looking forward to continue it ^^

Thank you very much for your feedback! It conforts me in the idea that i should keep on working on it.

The atmosphere of this game is so relaxing! The art direction is lovely, and so is the music. Are the stars changing something when you collect them? Good job!

It's very good! The level design is wall made, the player is working perfectly and the graphics are very cool. Maybe there is some problems with bosses, it's very hard to avoid their attacks, for some of them. Good job!