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Goodian: The Slime What Came From SpaceView game page

Made for GamesPlusJam2019 A platformer with dialog boxes.
Submitted by blazingdynamo (@samallmon) — 1 hour, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Goodian: The Slime What Came From Space's page


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Theme Use#422.8783.375

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How was your jamming experience? Were you able to produce more or less than you expected?

How did you apply the theme to your entry?
My JRPG slime is a space alien!

Anything else to add? (share your twitter, twitch, youtube etc.)
@samallmon on twitter. for my podcast

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This is cool, but I think it's necessary to indicate the controls, particulary the Z, to interact. I also would liked to have checkpoint, but since you were in lack of time, it's not important. The graphics are cool, and the music is coherent with it. Good job!


Yeah, I put it in the description because I ran out of time to do it in game. The girl at the front says it, but you're about 20 Z presses into the game before you get to that point, lol.


And the lack of checkpoints is a design decision that will make more sense when you have battles there. The monsters will respawn if you die, but you won't lose experience. So you get better at doing the puzzles, and get better at doing the battles the more you struggle at it. And the real challenge comes to do it without death. But this level which will be the tutorial, is the longest I'd go without a check point, for sure. The ability to try again and be better at it is cool and all, but climbing a mountain twice is ridiculous.

Thanks for playing!


Oooh, a mix between rpg and platformer... I like it!


That was a fun little game! The dialogue was really good, and I like that you made fun of not getting some of your features in. But the level  design felt nice and you did a really good job overall :)


Thanks James! Your RPG tutorial was critical in solving the 11th hour bug that broke my instanced dialogmanager. I’m definitely gonna finish the course now. 

I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :)


Nice little game, but why do use 'Z' for everything? Wasn't there a key which is more annoying? ;)


For me, I grew up on SEGA Smash Pack for the Pc which put the ABC buttons on ZXC on the keyboard. So I’ve put all my emulator controls with that lower corner since then. So it just felt natural. If you’re a WASD player it’s probably way more ridiculous than needs be. 


Ah, I see the problem now. I have a QWERTZ keyboard, so Z is not even within reach of my fingers.


Ah that makes sense! In the final I’ll have rebindable controls as an accessibility function for those who have physical (or keyboard) disabilities. As well as joypad support. I didn’t even think of Dzvorak or qwertz being unusable in this set up, lol.