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Hey there! In the first room you spawn is a bookshelf with all the recipes and controls in the game.

Basically,  you have to put stuff with water in the cauldron to make a healing potion. This can be picked up with an Erlenmeyer flask in order to use it in the game. You have one flask at the beginning, the others have to be crafted. Please note the recipe for an Erlenmeyer flask is 1 log and 1 iron at the oven, not 1 sand.

Thank you for playing anyway and if you have further question, feel free to ask :)

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Important notes:

Erlenmeyer flask: the recipe is 1 log and 1 iron

We updated the game with some critical bug fixes and some (really) minor tweaks, to make the game  better playable. This should not influence the current rating, but shows a state of the game that is more intended by us. 

You can play it on our website:


Yeah, the game needs more weapons that's absolutely right. I haven't thought about elite enemies, it's a great idea for challenging the player if he wants to. I will add some!

Thank you very much! The ability to build a ship was one of my main keys for the game, tried such systems before but it's the first that worked correctly. It took me a lot of time, but I am glad I coded it modular from the beginning. Later in the week I was able to add new objects very easy but had to switch to other aspects of the game. If you have any other thoughts or ideas left just let me know, I would love to discuss them!

And besides of this I have to say I am also very impressed of your game, for me one of the best entries of this jam!

I'm really confused how to play this game. Is there a way to pick up or shot the ball?

The character design was amazing! Not only the graphics also the shooting and collecting of the arrows. The gameplay was very intuitive and made a lot of fun. The only think that was a little bit annoying was the jumping. It seems that you can reach a lot of tiles, but you don't, there is always a quarter tile missing and you must use the double jump.
But it's a very nice entry although there was not really a space theme in there. I love the intro and outro scene most everything is just fitting!

Ah, I see the problem now. I have a QWERTZ keyboard, so Z is not even within reach of my fingers.

Thanks, as most basic mechanics are working it has a high priority on my todo list^^

Nice little game, but why do use 'Z' for everything? Wasn't there a key which is more annoying? ;)

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Everything worked for me and it's interesting to play but also frustrating to restart the whole game if you make a wrong step. Would be much nicer if just the level restarts

Cool game!
First two bugs: The 'return to hub' button is brocken, so I had to close the game every time and restart. Secondly as I restart the game, maybe one of four times the dialog was brocken (wrong letters in the wrong place) and I could't continue and also have to restart the game. I don't know if its your bug or just really strange behavior, but you should test a few times an see if any error occurs (maybe in a devolopment build where a console pops up if there is any error).

But after all it is a very nice game, all the mechanics are working and also feel good. The only funny thing is that level 2 is much harder then 3. In my opinion because in level 3 you already know the shooting and can better dodge + there are waves without shooting creatures who are easier.  And maybe there should be a health pack or something like this as there is no way to recover life.

If there was a ending after level 3 and you fix the bug, let me know I would love to see it!

Neat game! The first time I was confused why I can't double jump but after I won the first level I get it. However the timespan where you can jump over an obstacle is very small. But the graphics are cute, love it :)

I also had problems to play, sometimes the menu buttons don't react and sometimes no button is selected and I have to manually restart the game. After this, the game wasn't in fullscreen any more. But after a few resarts, it somehow started and I could play.

The controls aren't very comfortable with a keyboard maybe it is better with a joypad. My biggest problem the shooting - enemies that are far away can't get hit as the laser moves to slowly, and there is some time before really firing, so enemies in front of you always kill you. To aim is also difficult because you have to shoot while using the jetpack (not always but sometimes of course) and when you shoot you loose a lot of time where you could ran away from the enemies and refuel.

So the game looks interesting but I coudn't get really into it. (I'm sorry for this)

Thank you, and no it is'n Jesus :)
(But he is resurrected many times, so who knows? ^^)